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How to Wash Your Car the Way the Pros Do?

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Many car owners believe that cars should be washed only when they look visibly dirty, but professional auto detailers know that it’s essential to keep up with regular maintenance washes. Washing your car frequently is an important part of avoiding rust, fading, and wear and tear – and it’s the only way to achieve a truly glassy, showroom shine. Here’s how to wash your car the way the pros do.

Essential Supplies

In order to wash your car like the professionals, you need to be equipped with the right supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

• Two buckets – one for wash solution, and one for rinsing
• A high-quality car wash soap
• A foam cannon, a foam gun, or a quality microfiber wash mitt
• A flexible, long-handled car wash brush
• A hose with a fine spray nozzle
• Soft microfiber drying cloths
• Tire and wheel cleaner
• Tire dressing
• An interior dusting brush

Prepping for the Wash

Once you have all your supplies ready, you can begin prepping for the wash. Start by giving your wheels and tires a good scrub down with a wheel cleaner and brush, so that they don’t soil the rest of the car while being washed. Clear away any large debris or mud from your paint, then pre-rinse with slightly warmer-than-lukewarm water to remove any dirt or dust.

Using the Proper Car Wash Soap

Choosing the right car wash is important, as the wrong choice can cause damage to the paint. Look for a car wash soap or shampoo specifically designed for automotive use, with a pH balance of between 6 and 7. Long-lasting suds and a glossy shine are an indication of a good car wash – avoid alkaline-based soaps, which can strip away important wax protection!

Washing the Car

Once you’ve chosen your car wash, fill one of your buckets with a few inches of fresh, lukewarm water and add the soap. Do not use a dirty bucket for washing, as it can end up scratching your paint.

If you are using a foam cannon, pour the solution into the device and attach it to the hose, using the highest pressure setting. If using a foam gun or a wash mitt, dunk your utensil into the soapy water, then give the car a thorough, top-to-bottom soaping. Don’t forget the wheel wells, door jams, and other hard-to-reach areas.


Once you’ve finished washing and soaping all the surfaces, rinse your car thoroughly with the hose. Don’t use high pressure or hot water, as it can increase drying time – just enough pressure to blast away soap, dirt, and debris. Once you’ve finished rinsing, dry with the microfiber towel in long, gentle strokes, being sure to not miss any water droplets.

Protecting the Paint

The last step in the process is to protect the paint. Waxing your car will help keep it looking glossy and protect it from the elements. Make sure you always use a car wax specifically designed for automobile paint, and use a gentle circular motion to spread the wax over the entire car. Finish off the job by dressing the tires to give them a satiny, black finish.

While car washing may seem like a laborious job, if done properly it can actually save you time and money in the long run. Washing your car regularly helps to keep your paint in good condition, and makes it easier to get that professional shine. Now that you know how to wash your car the way the pros do, you can get out there and start scrubbing!

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