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Sex Tips for Dating Younger (and Older) Women

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The age gap between individuals in relationships is no longer a barrier. People are looking further afield and considering dating someone a few years either side of their own age. Women of all ages may be found in these situations, and require different approaches for successful dating. So what sex tips should you stick to when dating younger or older women? Read on for a definitive guide.

Know When to Adapt

There are a few key differences in sexual encounters depending on the age of the woman you’re dating. If you’re dating someone who’s significantly older or younger than you, it’s important to be aware of their potential physical and emotional limits, and to adapt accordingly.

• Be respectful of your date’s past experiences – look at them as lessons, not as something that defines them.

• Understand that different generations will have different cultural expectations and biases – this may shape your dating approach.

• Acknowledge that neither partner has the power to dictate the terms of the relationship – both should take responsibility for their own wants and needs.

• Don’t make assumptions based on stereotypes. It’s important to interact with someone in an individual way, and not to group them to other individuals of the same age group.


Communication is key for any successful relationship, but it’s even more important if you’re dating someone with a large age gap between you. Talking openly and honestly about your wants and needs will help you to determine what kind of relationship will work best for you both.

• Be willing to compromise.

• Discuss any topics that are likely to crop up – favorite books, music, hobbies or interests.

• Share the same sense of humor – it’s a great way to break the ice and to learn more about each other.

• Find common ground, and let this be the basis of your relationship.

• Ask questions and listen carefully to your partner’s answers.

• Establish clear boundaries – let your partner know what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not.

Be Willing to Learn

Some age gaps may be small enough that the sex lives of both partners are quite similar, but for larger gaps, it’s possible that you’ll need to be open to learning and trying new things. This includes anything from introducing new sex acts or positions to trying out toys or sexual enhancers.

• Be open minded and willing to explore.

• Discuss what you’re both interested in, and let that guide your sexual activities.

• Take things slow – figure out what works and what doesn’t.

• Pay close attention to your date’s body language, and respect their wishes if they don’t want something.

• Experiment and explore to see what’s out there, and what makes each of you feel good.

• Your sex life should be an extension of your relationship – not the entire thing.

Sex Toys

Sex toys can be a great way to shake things up in any relationship, and can offer a new and exciting experience both for you and for your partner.

• Discuss any interest in sex toys with your partner before introducing them into the bedroom.

• Start small and work your way up. Toys don’t have to be intimidating – there are plenty of options for those who are new to exploring.

• There are plenty of sex toy guides online which may provide you with more information about the kinds of toys that are available.

• Toys can help to bring variety to your sex life, and can open up new possibilities in terms of pleasure.

• Remember to use lubricant when using toys, and to follow the safety guidelines and instructions.

• Don’t rush and take the time to get comfortable and to enjoy each other’s company.

Be Passionate and Spontaneous

Romance and passion are key ingredients of a healthy and successful relationship, and these elements are particularly important when the age gap between partners is large. Sex is always better when it’s spontaneous and passionate, so don’t be afraid to add a little flare to your encounters.

• Be creative and think of ways to surprise your partner.

• Switch things up from time to time. Surprises can make a great impression, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

• Shower your partner with compliments and compliments – be passionate!

• Be vocal about your appreciation for your partner, and what makes them special to you.

• Initiate physical contact, even if it’s just a cuddle or a gentle kiss.

• Use your hands to caress and explore your partner’s body.

• Take your time – don’t rush, enjoy the moments as they come.

When it comes to sex, age is nothing but a number. While there are a few tips and tricks listed here, the important thing is that you make sure to communicate with your partner and to respect their limits and boundaries. Sex should be about pleasure and mutual satisfaction – so remember to have fun and enjoy each other’s company!

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