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The Best Companies to Invest in Now

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Investing in stocks and other securities can be a risky endeavor, but for those looking to increase their wealth, transparency and good returns can be possible. Investing in companies whose outlooks are strong is key to a successful investment portfolio. A good investor knows how to identify beneficial companies and invest in them in a safe and smart manner. With the help of financial advisors, industry research, and wise decision-making, the following are the best companies to invest in now.


Unilever is a British-Dutch transnational consumer goods company that produces world-renowned brands like Dove and Axe. This company has a number of benefits that make it one of the best companies to invest in now. Unilever’s strong financial situation, with a return on equity of 34.37%, makes it appealing to an investor looking for a secure and steady investment. Unilever also has a dividend yield of 3.63%, which makes it a safe and steady stock with the potential for growth over time. Additionally, Unilever’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility show that long-term investor support is likely to pay off.

Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group is a major Chinese technology company that owns several popular platforms, such as the e-commerce site Taobao. Alibaba has a vast user base in China and beyond, giving it access to a considerable amount of data and making it an attractive investment option. Currently, Alibaba group’s stock is trading at a good price and has a strong outlook for the future. With a return on equity of 28.12%, Alibaba is an attractive option for those looking for capital growth from their investments. Additionally, the company’s diverse portfolio of products, services, and businesses means that it is well-positioned for potential growth over the long-term.


Apple is well-known for its brand power and successful product launches, but many investors are unaware of the company’s investment potential. Apple’s stock is trading at an attractive price and has a dividend yield of 0.63%, which makes it a great option for investors looking for steady returns. Apple also has a strong return on equity of 42.78%, and the company’s longevity and reputation for innovation give credence to its financial outlook. Further, Apple’s financial transparency can help an investor identify areas of potential growth and benefit from them.


Microsoft is an iconic American technology company, and is also one of the most popular stocks on the market. Microsoft is renowned for its innovations, and this has impacted its stock prices significantly. Microsoft currently has a return on equity of 35.63%, and its dividend yield of 1.45% ensures returns for investors. As is the case with Apple, Microsoft’s longevity and typical revenue-growth provides added incentive for investment. The market for Microsoft’s products is relatively stable and diverse, meaning potential for capital gains is strong.


Netflix is a hugely popular streaming platform, and its stock has seen considerable growth in recent years. Netflix has a return on equity of 27.67% and a dividend yield of 0.74%. The company’s strong financial transparency and consistent revenue growth make it an attractive option for investors. Netflix’s global presence, its ability to penetrate new markets, and its long-term outlook mean that it has the potential to be a great investment.

Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz, a maker of food products, is also one of the best companies to invest in now. The company has a strong return on equity of 13.81% and dividend yield of 4.34%. Kraft Heinz is also highly stable and has a strong focus on market diversification, allowing it to remain competitive in a range of consumer markets. Further, the company’s product lineup is well diversified, meaning that an investor can benefit from a variety of sources of income.


Walmart is one of the world’s largest retailers, and has been a staple of American shopping for decades. Walmart has a return on equity of 20.3%, and a dividend yield of 2.09%, meaning that it offers investors good returns and a steady income. Walmart also has a strong commitment to sustainability, which helps to boost the company’s reputation and add to investor confidence. Because Walmart’s operations are so varied, its price fluctuations can be hard to predict, making it a good investment choice for those looking for reliable capital gains.


IBM is a well-established name in the technology sector, and is a popular stock for investors who want stability and potential for growth. IBM’s strong return on equity of 58.56% and dividend yield of 5.26% are both attractive features for investors. IBM also has a strong reputation for technology innovation and has a wide array of services and products. This means that an investor can benefit from capital gains and potential for growth over the long-term.


Tesla is well-known in the automotive industry, but it is also one of the top companies to invest in now. Tesla has a return on equity of -20.57%, but the company posted profits in the third quarter of 2020, suggesting that the stock could increase in the future. Additionally, Tesla is making moves to break into the energy market, which could be a major boon for its stock prices. Tesla’s presence in multiple markets means that any changes in the markets can be anticipated in advance, allowing investors to benefit from capital gains.

Investing in stocks can be risky, but there are companies trading on the market that are well-situated for potential returns for investors. The companies listed here, such as Unilever, Amazon, and Microsoft, have strong returns on equity and dividend yields that make them attractive investment options. Additionally, companies like Apple, Walmart, and IBM have been around for decades and provide a level of stability and predictable growth to investors. Whether an investor wants to diversify their portfolio or capitalize on the potential of a leading technology firm, the above companies can be strong contenders in an investment strategy.

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