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The Top Sex Mistakes Men Should Avoid

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10 Sex Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Sex can seem like a minefield, with so much advice out there on what couples should do to keep things fresh and interesting. But, how many of us are aware of the things we should be avoiding in the bedroom in order for us to have a good time?

Sex mistakes have various consequences, from ruining the moment, to causing serious and sometimes irreversible damage to our relationships. Therefore, it is best to know what not to do and here are the top 10 sex mistakes men should avoid:

  1. Not Communicating

When it comes to having a great sex life with your partner, communication is key. Not communicating clearly with your partner about what you both want or need can create big problems in your intimate life. In order to have a good time in the bedroom, you need to understand each other’s wants and needs, and figure out what works best for both of you.

  1. Not Being Prepared

Unpreparedness can lead to a lot of embarrassing and uncomfortable moments in the bedroom. Having the right items on hand such as condoms, lube and sex toys can enhance your experience and make it more enjoyable. Also, knowing what you will do before entering the bedroom, helps to make the experience more pleasurable and can avoid unneeded surprises.

  1. Not Being Open to Trying New Things

Many people fall into a routine of having sex the same way every time and no longer strive for any kind of variety or novelty. Partners might think that trying new things may seem risky, but experimenting can really add to the build-up and anticipation that can be lost in a long-term relationship. Furthermore, trying new things shows your willingness to keep the flame of passion alive.

  1. Being Too Rough

The lack of understanding of boundaries is one of the most common sex mistakes. Going too hard or too rough with your partner during sex can be painful and can even result in long-term physical or emotional damage. Always be aware of your partner’s boundaries and always check in with them to ensure they are feeling comfortable.

  1. Not Being Mindful of Hair Removal

Making sure your pubic area is well-groomed shows that you care about hygiene and you’re getting the right message across. It’s hard to be passionate if you’re worrying about an unruly undergrowth – having a trimmed bush is effective to keep the romance alive.

  1. Not Having an Open Mind

An open mind is one of the essential pieces of a great sexual life. Don’t be afraid to be open with your fantasies and be willing to explore your partner’s fantasies as well. Don’t just stick to the traditional approach, explore and discover new techniques and forms of pleasure to keep the love alive.

  1. Being Late To the Party

If you don’t make sex a priority in your life and you’re always running late, it can make it hard to keep up the momentum when you finally get there. Being pre-occupied can be one of the biggest libido killers around. Make the effort to make time for yourself and your partner when it comes to sex.

  1. Not Being in The Moment

We all know that sex can be a bit of a mind game at times, and being able to stay in the moment is key for a great sexual experience. If you are constantly “in your head” during sex, than this will have a big impact on the mood, and it will cause the sex to be less passionate and enjoyable. Make sure to stay present and focus on your partner and the pleasure.

  1. Not Following Up

Talking or cuddling after sex can seem unimportant, but it can actually be a great way to build a bond between you and your partner. Taking the time to cuddle and talk after sex can help to create a deeper connection and can also let your partner know that you appreciate them and that your thoughts were focused on them in the bedroom.

  1. Not Appreciating Your Partner

Letting your partner know that you find them sexy and attractive can go a long way. If you want to keep it hot, it’s essential that both of you feel desired and valued. Complimenting your partner can be a great way to show them your appreciation and will make them feel good about themselves.

Sex can be a great source of pleasure and intimacy for couples, but it is better experienced when mistakes are avoided. The above-mentioned mistakes aren’t the only ones, but they are necessary to be aware of, and are some of the most common. Communication and care are the most important aspects, to ensure that both partners get the best out of their intimate encounters.

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