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The Untold Stories of Famous Women’s Supporters

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Women’s rights are a long road, and battling for gender equality means relying on the tireless efforts of activists, celebrities, and everyday people. In the 21st century, more and more women have been working hard to take control of their own lives, and many have received recognition for their efforts. 

But, often overlooked are the influential men and women that have been standing firmly behind famous women’s campaigns, ensuring their message is heard around the world. Here are tales of some of the most powerful supporting roles of prominent women’s rights activists.

Famous Couples

  1. Oprah Winfrey & Stedman Graham

The “king and queen of daytime television” Oprah and Stedman have spent over twenty years together, and both have served as incredibly strong role models for how to live a meaningful and successful life. Both individuals have continuously supported each other since the very beginning, stepping up in times of need and recognition.

As Oprah has dedicated her life to empowering women, Stedman has been her sturdy foundation, helping her stay strong and true to her mission. He has created his New York Times best seller, “Identity: Your Passport to Success” detailing how everyone has the opportunities to forge their own path. Stedman has also helped Oprah with her charity organizations, accompanying her on humanitarian trips and mediating while she was creating her foundation.

  1. Michelle Obama & Barack Obama

The Obama’s are one of the most recognized couples in history and the relationship between the first couple of The United States has been an inspirational model for couples everywhere. Throughout her time as the first lady and even before, Michelle has made it a priority to empower women all around the world, and everything she stands for is rooted in her strong family values.

Barack was always there to support Michelle, advocating a supportive and collaborative spouse dynamic that kept Michelle focused on her work. Throughout his presidency, Barack never shied away from his wife’s work and often promoted it, making sure the world was always aware of his wife’s contributions.

The Legacy of Our Forefathers

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. & Coretta Scott King

Martin Luther King Jr and Coretta Scott King were the leaders of the civil rights movement in the 1950s and ‘60s and have become symbols of justice and peace. While many are aware of Martin Luther King’s prominent impact on society, Coretta Scott King’s contributions are often forgotten.

Coretta was Martin Luther King’s strongest supporter and was instrumental in keeping the movement going. She was a true freedom fighter and was at Martin’s side throughout his campaigns, appearing in marches and speaking out for the freedoms that he desired for all Americans. After her husband’s assassination, Coretta also continued in his heavy footsteps and advocated for women’s rights in her own right, becoming a prominent role model for female activists around the world.

  1. Rosa Parks & Raymond Parks

Rosa Parks is well known for her refusal to give up her seat in a segregated bus and has since become a symbol of resilience and courage. But many forget her husband, Raymond Parks, who played a key role in her success and in the civil rights movement.

Raymond was a passionate and dedicated civil rights advocate and was an unconditional pillar of support for his wife. He was also an active member of the NAACP and coordinated peaceful resistance campaigns alongside his wife, often shielding her from the dangers of the civil rights struggle.

These Active Change-Makers

  1. Zainab Salbi & Amjad Atallah

Founded by Zainab Salbi and Amjad Atallah, Women for Women International is a global non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing and advancing the rights of women. Since its conception, the organization has provided opportunities for more than 479,000 women in countries affected by war and conflict, allowing for societies to rebuild in a more equitable and sustainable manner.

For Zainab and Amjad, the goal of achieving gender equality means to create an equitable distribution of power between both men and women. In this case, Amjad has continuously served as Zainab’s driving force behind Women for Women International, aiding her in her message of having participatory rights for women between the ages of fourteen and thirty-five in programming, site selection, and project planning.

  1. Malala Yousafzai & Ziauddin Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is one of the most recognizable female upholders of education rights, but many forget her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai. Ziauddin has been Malala’s most vocal supporter and her strongest belief in herself began with him.

When the Taliban rose to power in Pakistan, a wave of fear took over Ziauddin’s home village. However, he chose to stand his ground, trusting in his beliefs and advocating for the importance of education regardless of gender. He had an uncompromising spirit, fueled by his beliefs and his only daughter, and helped her take her story to the world’s stage.

Leaders Making a Stand

  1. Barack Obama & Joe Biden

We can’t forget the commitment shown toward women’s rights during Obama’s tenure, from increasing access to health insurance and contraception to apologizing for the US military’s treatment of women. But the staunch efforts of former Vice President Joe Biden shouldn’t be ignored either.

Joe Biden dedicated his public service to strengthening the quality of life for women, most notably with the Violence Against Women Act, a landmark piece of legislation citing that no one should ever be subjected to sexual discrimination, abuse, or violence. He also called for a more equitable reform of American economic policies, ensuring that childcare, education, and healthcare access remains available to all.

  1. Justin Trudeau & Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been a tremendous advocate of women’s rights, appointing many female government officials, advocating for universal child care, and passing laws that guarantee equal pay, but he’s not the only one contributing to the cause. Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, has been an influencer in the same area.

Sophie is an advocate for mental health rights and an active campaigner for violence against women. She uses her voice to speak out for these causes and has become an important public figure, as she continuously works to make Canada a country that welcomes, embraces, and affirms the rights of all genders.

A Pride for Our Sisters

As women continue to rise and make their voices heard, it is important to remember their essential supporters. These influential individuals and couples have helped advance the cause of equality and justice in ways that may not always be visible, but their unwavering support has been a pivotal element behind the success of prominent women’s rights activists. From Oprah and Stedman Graham to Ziauddin Yousafzai and Justin Trudeau, these powerful teams have been a beacon of hope for all hoping to make a difference in women’s rights.

Reaching gender equality is a monumental task, but these inspirational figures show that it is something that can be accomplished when we come together and use our voices for good. So remember—we all have the chance to stand up, stand alongside, and stand up for our fellow sisters, no matter the gender or sex.

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