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Tips for a Healthy Sex Life

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The idea of a “healthy sex life” can mean different things to different people, but when it comes down to it, having a good and enjoyable sexual relationship involves creating a safe and positive connection between two people. To ensure that both sides are happy and respected, it’s important to maintain a physical, mental, and emotional balance to make sure that sex is a positive experience. Here are some tips to help you have a healthy sex life.

Prioritize Communication

If you’re looking to have a healthy sex life, the most important thing to do is communicate. Talk to your partner about your desires, boundaries, and what turns you on or off. Remember to listen too, and be respectful of each other’s answers and feelings. Prioritizing communication also means having conversations about safer sex, if it hasn’t already been discussed.

Practice Safer Sex

If you’re engaging in sexual activities with another person(s), it’s important to practice safer sex to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). There are several methods to do this, including the correct use of condoms, dental dams, and spermicide. Even if you’re in a monogamous relationship, it can be beneficial to know and discuss each other’s STI test results, as well as the most up-to-date safer sex techniques.

Be Honest About Your Desire and Needs

Having a healthy sex life isn’t about being perfect – it’s about being honest. This means that it’s okay to be confused or uncertain about your sexual wants and needs, and to be honest about it. Talk to your partner about what pleases you and what doesn’t. You may even find out something completely new together. Not only will this contribute to your sexual satisfaction, but also to your overall intimacy.

Explore Consent

Consent is not only a key concept in having a healthy sex life, but also in any relationship. It’s important to be aware of the different types of consent, and what they mean. Here are a few types of consent to be aware of:

• Express Consent: when you verbally express your agreement to an activity.
• Implied Consent: when someone’s body language, behavior, and tone indicate agreement to an activity.
• Blatant Refusal: when someone says “no” or doesn’t consent to an activity.

Consenting to one activity does not mean that all activities are consenting; it’s important to make sure consent is given every time. Consent is also not a one-time agreement; it should be ongoing throughout the activity, especially if something changes.

Develop Asexual Awareness

Asexuality is a sexual orientation in which someone experiences little to no sexual attraction. It’s important to be aware of asexuality in order to better understand and respect the people around you. This can include education, respect, and empathy towards people who don’t feel the same amounts of sexual attraction as you.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks can be a helpful way to refresh both your body and mind. This way, you can take time to recenter yourself, and understand what it is you want and need, rather than just going along with what your partner wants. It’s also a good idea to take a break if you ever feel like your activity might become unhealthy.

Engage in Self Care

Engaging in self-care is often overlooked when it comes to maintaining a healthy sex life, however it’s just as important. Self-care can come in many forms, including:

• Seeing a therapist regularly
• Talking to friends and family
• Eating a balanced diet
• Making time for yourself
• Exercising
• Going for walks
• Journaling

By making sure to take care of yourself, you’ll be able to have a better and healthier time in the bedroom.

Know Your Own Body

Another way to make sure that you have a healthy sex life is to know your own body. Spend time alone exploring what feels good to you and what you like. Take time to show yourself the same level of respect that you’d show a partner, and make sure that you’re aware of what kind of touch feels good and what doesn’t.

Refrain from Self-Blame

Having a healthy sex life shouldn’t carry any shame. It’s important to stay away from blaming yourself, as it can be damaging to both yourself and your relationship. Instead, replace self-blame with understanding and kindness, and gently remind yourself that you’re doing your best to have a healthy sex life.

As you can see, there are many different tips that can be followed to make sure that both you and your partner have a healthy and enjoyable sex life. Remember to communicate, practice safer sex, explore consent, take breaks, and take care of yourself. Finally, know your own body, and stay away from self-blame. By following these tips, you’ll be able to have a healthy and happy sex life.

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