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Tips To Make Your Iphone Battery Last Longer

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Tips To Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

When your smartphone runs out of battery, you’re left helpless. Especially if you’re an iPhone user, you know that battery issues can mean a huge disruption in your life. iPhones are great devices but iPhone batteries are notorious for running out far too quickly. So, if you’re looking for ways to make your iPhone battery last longer, you’ve stumbled upon the right article! Read on to know the best tips and tricks to make sure your iPhone battery never runs out.

Turn on Low Power Mode

One of the simplest ways to make your iPhone battery last longer is to enable the Low Power Mode. Your battery is likely to last 4-5 hours longer when you switch to Low Power Mode. All you need to do to enable Low Power Mode is go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode and toggle it on. Upon enabling Low Power Mode, certain functionality of your iPhone might be reduced (like disabling auto-downloads and background app refresh) but your battery life will considerably improve.

Keep Your iPhone Updated

Keeping your iPhone up to date is one of the most important tips to increase battery life. iOS updates usually come with support for better battery management so make sure that your iPhone is running the most recent OS version. Upgrading to the latest OS will also prevent battery draining due to new apps and processes running.

Reduce Brightness

One of the major factors that drains your battery is the ridiculously high iPhone brightness. The brighter your screen, the more power it guzzles. Therefore, reducing your iPhone brightness is sure to extend your battery time. You can do this without even leaving the home screen by swiping down to open the Control Centre and decreasing the brightness.

Turn Off Cellular Data

If you know that you won’t be using data-intensive operations or messaging apps on your iPhone, the best practice is to switch off Cellular Data. Turning off data will help prevent your iPhone from constantly wasting power on extras that you don’t even need in the first place. To switch off Cellular Data, head over to Settings > Cellular and toggle it off.

Disable Background Apps

By default, apps running on your iPhone keep refreshing in the background, even when you’re not actively using them. This puts quite a strain on your phone’s processor and not to mention, its battery. To put a stop to all this unnecessary battery drainage, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and switch it off.

Remove Widgets

Widgets are among the most battery hungry apps on an iPhone. That’s why you need to delete all unnecessary widgets and just keep the ones you need and use most often. To delete an iPhone widget, all you need to do is long press on it and hit the ‘-‘ sign.

Switch Off Location Services

Location Services are mostly about convenience but you must understand that it also has a huge impact on battery life. To bring down your iPhone’s battery consumption, switch off Location Services.

Use Auto-Lock

One of the key tips for making your iPhone’s battery last longer is to utilize the Auto-Lock feature. Auto-Lock will make sure that your phone’s display switches off after a couple of minutes of inactivity. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-lock and adjust the time according to your convenience.

Turn Off Vibrations

Vibrations aren’t just annoying, they’re also battery charged when used excessively. To make sure that your iPhone conserves power, disable vibrations. Go to Settings > Sounds and feedback and turn off the vibrate on silent option.

Turn Off Parallax Effect

It’s no surprise that graphic intensive processes, such as parallax effect, consume considerable amount of power. As such, if you want to increase your iPhone battery life, disable the parallax effect by going to the Settings app and toggling it off.

Disable Push Notifications

Every time you get a notification, it puts a strain on your battery. To prevent your iPhone from constantly draining battery via notifications, go to Settings > Notifications and disconnect your apps from push notifications.

Turn Off Airdrop

Airdrop is a great tool for sharing data but its capacity for battery drainage is often overlooked. If you’re not using Airdrop at the moment, switch it off because keeping it running in the background drains battery unnecessarily. To turn off Airdrop, go to Settings > General > Airdrop and toggle it off.

These were the most effective tips and tricks to help you make your iPhone battery last longer. It’s time to put all this knowledge to use and encourage better battery time on your iPhone. So, go ahead, switch off unnecessary features and begin conserving power. Your iPhone is sure to thank you for making it last longer!

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