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Top 10 Sex Positions to Try Tonight

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It is no surprise that wanting to try something new in the bedroom is a common desire shared by many couples. An amazing way to spice things up is to experiment with different sex positions. Sex positions are not only fun and can make for a more interesting experience, but they also have plenty of health benefits, for both physical and mental health, such as increasing contentment and trust in a relationship, reducing stress and even improving one’s overall sense of well-being.

Here we provide a list of ten recommended positions to try tonight; these are the best of the best when it comes to spiciness in the bedroom!

Top 10 Sex Positions to Try Tonight

  1. The Bridge. This sex position is amazing to achieve maximum pleasure because it allows for G-Spot stimulation and deep penetration. The woman has to be on top and do a bridge pose with her legs as wide as possible. The man kneels in front of her and grabs her waist to control the speed and depth of his thrusts.

  2. The CAT. This position is a variation on Missionary and it is especially advantageous for simultaneous orgasms. It involves the woman lying on her back and tucking her knees into her chest, while the man penetrates her from above, also lying on his back. You can add to this position with extra depth and width of your thrusts if you want.

  3. Lotus. This position basically involves the woman wrapping her legs around the man as he kneels and penetrate her from an angle that is more conducive to both arousal and pleasure. The only downside to this position is that it can be somewhat strenuous and tiring but the pleasure it produces is worth it!

  4. The Kneeling Straddle. This position requires some flexibility, but it’s certainly worth it. It involves the woman getting on her hands and knees, while the man kneels in between her legs and enters her from behind. This position also allows for maximum G-Spot stimulation, as well as a good view of the action.

  5. Reverse Cowgirl. This is a very popular sexual position and it is great for men who want to enjoy the view while being penetrated from behind. It involves the woman straddling the man in reverse, facing away from him, and taking control of the speed and depth of the penetrative actions.

  6. Coital Alignment Technique (CAT). This position is a variation of Missionary in which the man scoots his body up towards the woman’s head while he enters her, rather than being more centered on her pelvis as in the traditional Missionary position. This angle of penetration stimulates the clitoris and produce more pleasurable orgasms for both partners.

  7. Spooning. This position is incredibly popular among couples, as it promotes intimate and tenderness. It involves the man lying on his side and entering the woman from behind as she lies on her side in the same direction as him. It’s a great position for slow and steady sex and caressing each other.

  8. Doggy Style. This is probably one of the most popular positions, as it is so simple to do yet it produces great pleasure. It involves the woman getting on her hands and knees and the man penetrating her from behind. This position provides an angle for deep penetration, and the woman can control the depth and speed at which this happens.

  9. The Wheelbarrow. This position requires strength, but it is exciting and pleasurable and can produce amazing sexual gratification. It involves the man holding the woman up off the ground by her legs while he penetrates her from behind.

  10. Seated Scissors. This position offers more flexibility and control which can make it easier to achieve orgasms. It requires the man sitting up and the woman straddling him sideways, with her feet outside of his hips as she rotates her hips in a scissor-like motion. This position can also be used while sitting in a chair, with the man sitting on one side and the woman sitting on the other side.

Remember, it is important to let your partner know what works for you and feel free to experiment with different positions depending on the level of comfort or pleasure for both of you. You should definitely try out some of the mentioned sex positions tonight if you want to experience something new and exciting in the bedroom or show some appreciation for your partner!

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