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Top famous boxers in the World all time

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Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) have experienced rapid growth in the last decade due to increased popularity of the sport. With the growing number of fighters, it is no surprise that some boxers have become household names and the greatest in the sport’s long and storied history.

In this article, we will explore some of the most recognized and famous boxers in the world. From the legendary Muhammad Ali to the unstoppable Manny Pacquiao and even contemporary stars like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, these powerful and iconic fighters have gone down in history as the best of the best. Let’s take a deep look into the top 10 most famous boxers in the world all time.

Top 10 Most Famous Boxers in the World All Time 

When it comes to famous boxers, there is no doubt that these ten men have cemented themselves as the all-time greats of the sport. Below we will take a look at the top 10 most famous boxers in the world all time:

  1. Muhammad Ali:
    Famed for his lightning-fast speed, creativity and charisma, Muhammad Ali is undoubtedly the undisputed king of the boxing world. Ali was an Olympic gold medalist and three-time world heavyweight champion. He has been crowned one of the most influential athletes of all time and is widely considered as one of the greatest boxers in history.

  2. Mike Tyson:
    Mike Tyson is one of the most controversial figures in the world of sports. However, there can be no doubt that he was one of the most skilled and powerful boxers of all time. Tyson held the record as the youngest world heavyweight champion at the age of 20. Such was his dominance in the ring that he quickly became one of the most feared boxers of his generation.

  3. Sugar Ray Robinson:
    Affectionately referred to as “the greatest”, Sugar Ray Robinson is considered by many as the most celebrated boxer of all time. This esteemed fighter was a five-division world champion, held the world welterweight title from 1946-1951 and even has a yearly award named after him.

  4. Manny Pacquiao:
    Manny Pacquiao is an eight-time world champion and perhaps the greatest pound-for-pound boxer in the history of the sport. Boasting an impressive record of 62-7-2, Pacquiao has fought many formidable opponents such as 5-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr, four-division world champions Erik Morales and Juan Manuel Marquez as well as multiple-division world champions Antonio margarito, Oscar De La Hoya, and Shane Mosley.

  5. Oscar De La Hoya:
    Oscar De La Hoya is an American boxer and the first boxer in history to become a major world champion in six different weight divisions. He won a gold medal at the 1992 World Olympics, the lineal championship in three weight classes and the WBO title at super featherweight, lightweight, and junior middleweight.

  6. Floyd Mayweather Jr.:
    Floyd “Money” Mayweather may not be one of the most adored fighters in the sport, but there is no denying his talent and skill. Mayweather Jr. is an American professional boxing promoter and retired professional boxer. He is a multiple-time world champion in five different weight divisions and has earned over $700 million from his fights.

  7. Evander Holyfield
    “The Real Deal” Holyfield is a former American professional boxer and World Champion in both the heavyweight and cruiserweight divisions. Holyfield was the undisputed cruiserweight champion in the late 80s, eventually defeating James “Buster” Douglas to win the world heavyweight championship in 1990.

  8. Rocky Marciano:
    Rocky Marciano was the heavyweight champion in the 1950s and widely considered one of the greatest boxers in history. He was undefeated during his professional career, and with a record of 49-0, he remains the only heavyweight champion to retire unbeaten.

  9. George Foreman:
    George Foreman is a former professional boxer and two-time world heavyweight champion. He is also an entrepreneur, author and speaker, and is most famously known as the oldest heavyweight champion ever.

  10. Anthony Joshua:
    Anthony Joshua is a British professional boxer who is currently the world heavyweight championship. He is one of the most influential and skilled boxers of the modern era, having won all 23 of his professional fights by knockout.

The world of boxing has produced many greats over the years, and the ten men mentioned in this article are certainly some of the most influential and famous boxers in the world. From the dynamic Muhammad Ali to the resilient Manny Pacquiao and the legendary George Foreman, each of these boxers has made an impact on the sport and left a lasting impression.

No matter which boxer you appreciate most, there is no doubt that these ten athletes are some of the most famous boxers in the world all time.

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