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Top Underappreciated World-Changing Women

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Throughout history, women have been at the forefront of countless world-changing innovations, events, and social, economic and political advances. However, many of the most influential women around the world have been, unfortunately, unappreciated for their contributions to the world. In this article, we will be looking at some of the most underappreciated women in the world who have made, and continue to make, a difference in the way we live and do things.

Marie Curie 

First on our list of underappreciated world-changing women is Marie Curie. Born in Poland in 1867, Marie Curie dedicated her life to the study of science, study and discoveries that have revolutionized our understanding of the physical and chemical world. She was the first woman to be nominated for a Nobel Prize, was the first person to be awarded two Nobel Prizes, and was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in any field. Her contributions to science were immense, particularly her discovery of two new elements (polonium and radium) and her work developing the field of radiation therapy.

Audrey Hepburn 

The second underappreciated woman we’re looking at is Audrey Hepburn. Many know her as Hollywood royalty, but few recognize her contributions to the world that go beyond her career as an actress. She was a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador, and spent much of her time and energy ensuring that deprived children in the developing world had access to clean water, food, and education. In addition, Hepburn was an advocate for poverty abolition, and she even refused to take roles if a movie wasn’t addressing social issues.

Grace Hopper 

The third influential world-changing woman we’re looking at is Grace Hopper. Hopper was a mathematician and a computer scientist who made significant contributions to the development of computer programming. In addition to her contribution to computing science, Hopper also worked with the United States Navy to lead the development of the first computer language computer code. Her experience in the Navy made her a great leader for the entire department of computer science. Furthermore, her legacy continues to live on through the establishment of a number of awards, notably the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

Dorothy Height

 Fourth on our list is Dorothy Height. As an educator and civil rights leader, Height dedicated her life to the improvement of civil rights, particularly for women and African Americans. Height was instrumental in the women’s rights movement, particularly as an advocate of gender equality in the workplace and education. She was also the president of the National Council of Negro Women for over 40 years, and was responsible for organizing the Women’s Emergency Incident Fund.

Harriet Tubman 

The fifth woman on our list is the iconic Harriet Tubman. Tubman was a leader of the Underground Railroad, a secret network of slaves who ran away from their oppressors in the South to make their way up to freedom in the North. She worked tirelessly to help free slaves, and was an integral part of the American Civil War. Her story is one of courage and conviction, yet unfortunately her life is still unappreciated for the huge difference she made in the history of the United States.

Bhawana Kanth 

Last but not least we’re looking at Bhawana Kanth, the first female fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force. Born in Jharkhand, India, Kanth graduated from the National Defence Academy in 2016 and then joined the Indian Air Force Academy, completing her tenure as a fighter pilot in 2018. She continues to pilot fighter jets and is a role model for many young women in India and around the world.

It can be difficult to find a place in history for the contributions of world-changing women. These women have often been forgotten or overlooked, but we hope this article reminds readers of the huge difference these women have made and continue to make in the lives of so many around the world. While their individual successes and accomplishments are huge, their collective success has made an invaluable difference in the way we live. We must never forget the contributions of these great women and the immense difference that their actions have had on the world.

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