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Top Warrior Women in History

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Throughout recorded history, there have been countless stories of brave and powerful women who have taken up arms — in defense of their homes, families, and countries. These women warriors were more than just symbols — they were real-life heroines who fought against great odds and often triumphed despite seemingly impossible obstacles. In celebration of these incredible women, we’re pleased to present our list of the top warrior women in history.

Artemisia I of Caria

Artemisia I was an Ancient Greek queen who fought in the legendary Battle of Salamis in 480 BC. She commanded her own ship and took part in the naval battle between the Greek and Persian fleets. She is remembered for her bravery and skill on the battlefield, and is often cited as being one of the most important female warriors in ancient history.


Boudicca was a Celtic queen who led her people against the Roman Empire in the year 61 AD. She is said to have been a strong, powerful, and brave woman who led her people in a desperate fight against their oppressors. Boudicca eventually lost the conflict against the Romans, but her legacy lives on as an inspirational symbol of fearless female leadership and courage.

Tomoe Gozen

Tomoe Gozen was a legendary warrior from the 12th century. She was known for her remarkable martial arts skills and courage, and is often cited as being a symbol of female empowerment in feudal Japan. She fought valiantly alongside Minamoto no Yoshinaka in his campaign against the rival Taira clan, and she is often remembered for her strength, bravery, and skill in battle.

Grace O’Malley

Grace O’Malley was an Irish pirate known as “the Queen of the Seas”. She was a fearless warrior and leader who led her people in a number of battles against the English. She was even able to negotiate with Queen Elizabeth I herself, despite the fact that the queen was an enemy of O’Malley’s people.

Joan Of Arc

Joan of Arc is one of the most famous warriors in history. She was a teenage girl living in 15th century France when she began to have visions of the Archangel Michael. He instructed her to lead the French in their fight against the English and she willingly took up the call. She led her people to a number of victories over the English forces and eventually was burned at the stake for her beliefs. Her courage and faith live on even today.

Ching Shih

Ching Shih was a powerful Chinese pirate and warlord who terrorized the South China Sea during the early 18th century. She was a formidable warrior who led her followers with skill and bravery. Despite this, she is remembered as much for her diplomatic achievements as her martial prowess. She was eventually able to negotiate a truce with the Chinese government and retired to a life of wealth and prestige.


Boadicea was an ancient British queen who fought against the conquering Romans. She is remembered for her powerful speeches and heroic leadership. Her army faced overwhelming odds but fought anyway. Although her fighting force was eventually defeated, her courage and skill on the battlefield are legendary.

Ana Nzinga

Ana Nzinga was an African queen who fought numerous wars against the Portuguese during the 17th century. She was a brave and powerful leader who mobilized her own army and fought bravely on the battlefield. She is remembered for her intelligence and strategic prowess, as well as her willingness to take on even the most dangerous opponents.

Piracy Bai

Piracy Bai is an 18th century Chinese pirate who was known for her remarkable courage, skill, and leadership. She commanded her own fleet and fought many battles against larger and better-equipped forces. She is remembered for her ruthless tactics and her willingness to fight for her beliefs, no matter the cost.

Deborah Sampson

Deborah Sampson was an American soldier who bravely fought in the Revolutionary War. She was determined to join the fight and she disguised herself as a man in order to do so. She fought bravely and skilfully, and although she was eventually discovered and reprimanded, her courage and commitment to her cause have been remembered for centuries.

From fierce pirates to brave warriors, these remarkable women have forever changed the course of history. They have inspired countless generations of women to stand up and fight for what they believed in, no matter the odds. We remember their incredible courage, bravery and skill, and salute these top warrior women in history.

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