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Authentic Thai Dishes That Need To Be Tried In Thailand

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There is no denying that Thai cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world – and most of us have tasted some form of Thai dishes. But to truly experience the distinct flavors of Thailand, you need to try the authentic dishes in the country itself. From succulent curries to fragrant salads and street food snacks, here are some of the must-try Thai dishes that you should make time for during your travels in Thailand.

Tom Yum Goong

Arguably one of the most iconic dishes in Thailand, Tom Yum Goong or ‘spicy prawn soup’ is a one-of-a-kind delight. It is a hot and sour soup, enriched with the flavors of lemongrass, chilies, shallots, and lime. As the name suggests, the soup is usually made with prawns, but there are variants with other kinds of seafood as well.

Massaman Curry

A well-loved Thai dish, Massaman curry is popular among many communities within the country. This rich and creamy dish has a unique flavor due to the use of coriander cumin, cardamom, lemon, and other aromatic spices. It can be made with your choice of meat and vegetables, while sturdy potatoes are often added to give it more depth and texture.

Khao Pad

This reassuring dish of Khao Pad (also known as fried rice) can be easily found in any part of Thailand. Whether it is accompanied by other dishes or eaten alone, this meal is always a safe bet. A simple but tasty combination of vegetables, eggs, meat, and lightly-seasoned fragrant Thai jasmine rice, it is a beloved option for any home-cooked meal.

Khao Soi

Khao Soi is like a curried version of Khao Pad, with a Northern Thai twist. This dish is found primarily in the Chiang Mai region, where the influence of Burmese cuisine makes for much spicier fare than other parts of the country. Thin egg noodles are topped with a hefty gravy-like sauce or curry and can be served with crispy or boiled noodles, as well as crunchy crispy wontons and pickled cabbage.

Moo Ping

Moo Ping is another staple street food that you will often find in most parts of Thailand. It is a type of grilled pork skewer that has been marinated in a mix of traditional Thai spices and herbs. The pork is cooked over an open flame and the juicy, charred goodness of Moo Ping can be complemented with the help of a special sweet chili sauce that is packed with flavors.

Som Tam

You cannot visit Thailand without trying the Som Tam or Papaya salad. This spicy salad is made by shredding unripe green papaya and pounding the ingredients together in a mortar with a pestle. Som Tam is usually served with shredded raw vegetables, boiled egg, and sticky rice, which provides a balance of sweet and sour, and fragrant flavors.

Khao Niaow Ma Muang

The ultimate sweet treat in Thailand is Khao Niaw Ma Muang, which translates to Mango and Sticky Rice. This delectable dish is made with slices of ripe mango, drenched with a syrupy coconut sauce, and served over a bed of sticky rice. A great way to end your Thai meal, this dish is a must-try when you are in the country.

If you are in Thailand and you wish to truly experience the diverse range of flavors that the country has to offer, definitely do not miss out on the many authentic Thai dishes mentioned here. From simple yet flavorful Khao Pad to the sweet and savory Khao Niaw Ma Muang and of course, the iconic Tom Yum Goong, all of these dishes can provide a delightfully unique experience that you will never forget.

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