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Back to the Future: The Charm of Riding a Retro Motorcycle

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Riding a retro motorcycle is a timeless experience. The call of the open road, the thrill of exploration, and freedom of the two-wheeled ride all culminate into the ultimate adventure on a classic bike. Motorcycles evoke nostalgia and a feeling of hitting the reset button, allowing you to travel back in time to relive the era of classic motorcycles with all of the modern comforts and advancements.

A Brief History of the Retro Motorcycle

Retro motorcycles have been around since the dawn of the 20th century. Starting with the iconic “Harley Davidson” and a few other motorcycle companies, some of which are still around today, took on a more classic look and feel, creating perhaps the first modern-day “retro” bikes.

During the 1950s and 1960s, motorcycle manufacturing took on more of a technical driven approach as Japanese-made motorcycles started to become a staple of the road scene. Many of these motorcycles have stood the test of time and can still be found gracing the roads today, and are seen as the true old school classic bikes.

On the other side of the world, America was in the midst of its own vehicle revolution. Iconic American brands such as “Indian”, “Henderson” and “Excelsior” began to develop and create some of the classic retro-styled motorcycles which are so popular amongst riders today. As the American car industry matured, a variety of styles and models emerged, with some of the most iconic motorcycles being created in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

The Power of the Classic Retro Motorcycle

The inherent charm and beauty of classic retro bikes is undeniable. Their understated designs combined with the rich detailed features and enormous power, makes them one of the most desirable motorcycles around. Retro motorcycles are a window into a past era, providing riders with a sense of nostalgia and a reminder of the good times and styles of yesterday.

Today, manufacturers are continuing to create classic retro bikes, modernizing them with modern parts and advanced technology. In many ways, they are still true to the classic look and feel whilst ensuring they comply with all modern safety requirements.

Benefits of Riding a Retro Motorcycle

Riding a classic retro motorcycle has many benefits. Such benefits include:

• Style and Aesthetics: The classic style of a retro bike is timeless and always in fashion. These motorcycles look great no matter where they’re ridden and at any point in the day.

• Fun Factor: Riding a retro motorcycle is unique and a great way to have a little bit of fun. As there are so many different makes and models out there, finding the best fitting one for you is an interesting discovering process.

• Comfortability: Many classic style bikes have an adjustable seat, which ensures ride comfort. They are built to weather the roads of today, and provide a smooth comfortable ride.

• Maintenance Ease: Retro motorcycles can be easy to maintain and running costs can be far less compared to modern motorcycles. Parts and components are often cheaper, plus retro bikes require less frequent servicing.

• Easier and Safer to Ride: Retro motorcycles are designed to be easier to balance and easier to control. Their light weight, responsive handle, and reliable brakes combine to make them ideal for younger riders, or those new to motorcycling.

• Economical and Fuel Efficient: Retro bikes are generally more fuel efficient compared to their modern counterparts, proving a greater range and resulting in more on-road time between each fill up.

It’s All About the Adventure

Riding a retro motorcycle is all about the adventure – the freedom of a two wheeled ride, exploring the open road, and the feeling of being taken back to the past. Motorcycles have been around since the turn of the 20th century, with retro bikes being some of the earliest and most iconic examples. Retro motorcycles are a charming blast from the past, with a timeless look and feel.

The benefits of riding a classic bike are clear. They provide style and aesthetics, they’re fun to ride, they’re comfortable and easy to maintain, they’re lighter, safer and more economical, and they offer an incredible sense of adventure. So if you’re in the market for a retro motorcycle, don’t waste any time in taking the plunge! Hop onto a classic ride and let the journey begin…

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