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Beauty and the Beast Cast: The Talented Actors Who Brought the Tale to Life

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“Beauty and the Beast” is an animated film that has been cherished for generations. It is the tale as old as time that tells the story of how love can survive against all odds. The beloved classic came alive once again with a 2017 live-action remake that brought the beloved characters to life. This was made possible thanks to the wonderful and talented actors who portrayed them. Let’s take a look at who brought the tale to life and their impact on our hearts.

The Cast of the 2017 Live-Action “Beauty and the Beast”  

The 2017 live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast” features an A-list cast of actors and actresses who brought the characters to life.

Emma Watson Is Beloved As Belle

The classic character of Belle was brought to life by the talented Emma Watson. Watson is well-known for her role in the Harry Potter series as well as her work advocating for women’s rights. Her portrayal of Belle is a rendition of the classic character that the people know and love, yet she was able to give the role her own twist. She captures the vibrancy of Belle and the hope she embodies that love can conquer all.

Dan Stevens Is As Magnificent As The Beast

The gigantic and fierce Beast was portrayed by Dan Stevens, who made his mark with the popular show “Downton Abbey.” He was able to use his physicality to make the Beast an imposing presence, yet Stevens was able to capture the Beast’s inner beauty and vulnerability. His performance was lauded by critics and fans alike and helped make the 2017 remake such a success.

Luke Evans As The Hot-Headed Gaston

In the 2017 remake of “Beauty and the Beast,” Luke Evans took on the role of the vain and hot-headed Gaston. Evans was able to bring the silliness and showmanship of Gaston as well as his deep-rooted insecurity. This enabled viewers not to see Gaston as a villain, but rather a tragic figure whose unrequited love for Belle eventually put him on the path of destruction.

Meet The Other Members of the Cast  

Although the main characters of Belle, the Beast, and Gaston were the driving forces of the remake, this was available thanks to the other wonderful members of the cast.

Josh Gad as LeFou

Josh Gad lent his comedic timing to the role of Gaston’s lackey, the lovable and loyal LeFou. Gad was yet another example of how the remake maintained elements of the classic story while adding its own spin, as he brought a bit of self-awareness to the character of LeFou. His character was beautifully written as a gay man which was revelatory for a major Hollywood studio movie.

Ewan McGregor as Lumiere

The kind-hearted, yet scheming, candelabra Lumiere was embodied by Ewan McGregor. McGregor, known for his roles in blockbusters such as the Star Wars prequels and Moulin Rouge, captured Lumiere’s wit and sentimentality perfectly. His performance showcased a man who was not only a witty advisor and loyal to his friend, but also a character who was willing to risk his own neck for love.

The Magical Cast Who Gave Voice to the Tale  

Apart from the live-action performers, some of the most beloved characters were voice actors who gave the tale its magical feeling.

Ian McKellen as Cogsworth

The voice of the punctilious Cogsworth was Toby Jones, who made his mark in such movies as Captain America and Harry Potter. Jones was able to capture the attempt of Cogsworth’s to maintain his dignity and order in the midst of a chaotic situation, which made the character all the more endearing.

Emma Thompson As Mrs. Potts

The voice of one of “Beauty and The Beast’s” most beloved characters, Mrs. Potts, was given by Emma Thompson. Thompson has been known for her performances in films such as Love Actually and the Harry Potter franchise. Her soothing voice was perfect for the befuddled but ever so kind Mrs. Potts.

Stanley Tucci as Cadenza

Stanley Tucci was the surprising character of Cadenza, the comically chaotic Grand Maestro. Tucci’s comedic timing and experience serving him well as he was able to capture the chaotic nature of the character.

The Impact of the Cast On ‘Beauty and the Beast’  

The wonderful cast of both voice and live-action characters were instrumental in creating a beautiful tale that touched people of all ages. The cast brought a fresh twist to a classic tale and served as a reminder that love can conquer all odds.

Thanks to the great performances of the cast of performers from the 2017 live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast,” the beloved classic came to life once again. Each member of the cast had a unique take on their characters and brought a little twist to the story. Their collective efforts enabled them to capture the magic of the original and make a magical tale that would touch the hearts of people all over the world.

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