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Best Ways to Please a Woman and Get Her Addicted Sexually

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Making a woman sexually addicted to you and keep her attracted to you can be quite challenging. The thrill of a sensual experience can fade away if you fail to keep her fascinated with you. Unveiling some of the best ways to please a woman sexually can help you maintain the flames of passion and make sure both you and she stay satisfied in the bedroom.

These tips can help you become an expert in showing her ultimate pleasure and get her addicted to your presence and your touch.

Kiss Her in Unexpected Places

One of the easiest and best ways to please a woman is by delighting her with some unexpected touches. Kissing and touching her in some interesting places like her neck, her back and her belly can be a delightful surprise and can immediately send shivers of pleasure through her body. She will particularly be thrilled if you take the initiative and make the first move, as that can be incredibly arousing. Also, giving her pleasure by tracing light patterns on her body with a feather or with your hands can drive her crazy with excitement!

Give Her a Pleasant Massage

A sensual massage can never fail to please a woman. Aside from helping her to get in the tongue and mood for love-making, an extensive massage can help her relieve any stress that has accumulated and make her feel amazingly attentive and loved. Start with a light touch, softly caressing her and focus on areas like her neck and shoulders. You can add some nice scented massage oils that can help her to zone out and double the pleasure.

Talk Dirty To Her

Talking dirty is a great way to please your woman in the bedroom. Learning what kind of dirty talk makes your partner feel aroused can be a great way to make your sex life even more interesting and to please her sexually. Use your creativity and give her compliments during intimacy, like telling her how beautiful she looks when in a certain position or how much you appreciate her body. It can be a huge turn-on and can make her bloom with desire.

Tickle Her Senses

Creating a cozy ambiance can greatly help you arouse your partner and give her full pleasure. Simple things like dimming the lights, burning sweet-scented candles and playing some soft music can help her to relax and enjoy the experience fully.

Use Toys and Props

Using toys and props during sex can add to the thrill and get your partner more engaged. Sex toys can be a great tool to show her even more pleasure and options like vibrators as well as a full selection of props can make the experience even more spicy and enjoyable for her.

Let Her Take Charge

Reversing roles and letting her take the lead is another great way to give her full control and provide an incredible experience. This can be a very exciting change of dynamics and can make her feel more powerful, as well as give her a chance to show her sexual prowess. Taking the back seat can be just as pleasurable as any other sex move.

Tease Her

Teasing can be a great way to awaken her sexual desires and get her body ready for action. Start with kissing and touching some of her most sensitive areas with delicacy and whisper sweet words to her ear. You can also make use of body painting tools if both of you like that. She will love the anticipation and the curiosity that this can create and will die for the moment of touch you will share at the end.

Switch Up Your Resume

Being creative in bed is one of the best ways to please a woman and make sure that she gets a full experience. Try performing different positions, incorporate more props within your moves and switch up your routine whenever in the mood. That can be incredibly pleasurable for both of you and will make sure the fire of desire stays alive.

Choose Safe Materials

Being smart and taking your safety into account is also part of the ways to please a woman. Make sure to always resort to safe materials, such as condoms and lubricant, to prevent possible accidents and use only body-approved toys that are made of edible materials.

Be Present

Finally, being present in a sensual experience is a key factor to making sure both of you have a great time. Make sure to keep your focus on her and pay attention to her reactions and to her body language. That will help you pick up her most pleasurable spots and turn up the heat of passion whenever in the mood.

Overall, pleasing a woman is an art, yet it can be easily mastered with some practice and some creativity. Incorporating these ways to please a woman and getting her addicted to you sexually can be the key to your mutual pleasure and satisfaction. Whether you are novice or an experienced player, get creative with your moves and make sure to always keep her needs in mind. That will ensure that you both get a full experience and remain sexually engaged together.

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