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Dreadlocks for Men: Style Inspiration and Maintenance Tips

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Dreadlocks have become increasingly popular in recent years, and as a style choice among men, too. Dreadlocks, or “dreadlocks,” are matted coils or strands of hair, popularly worn by women and men in many cultures, most famously in Jamaica and India. Dreadlocks are often intentionally encouraged in order to maintain the natural beauty of hair while giving it a more dramatic, modern look.

Dreadlocks are typically worn as a sign of ethnic pride, cultural identity and personal style. As such, the styles, techniques and creativity for dreadlocks can be very diverse. When it comes to men’s dreadlocks, there are many styles and types to choose from, giving each man a personalized look that can be tailored to their face shape and individual preferences.

Benefits of Dreadlocks for Men  

There are several benefits to wearing dreadlocks for men. Here are a few of the most popular:

Low maintenance: As the hairstyle involves simply gathering natural locks of hair, it is very low maintenance and can often require little to no maintenance at all. This is useful in saving money on styling products and services or frequent trips to the barbershop.

Durability: Dreadlocks are incredibly strong and long lasting compared to other hairstyles. As they are not meant to be brushed or combed, they can last even in the face of vigorous activities such as swimming and sports.

Versatility: Dreadlocks are incredibly versatile and can be altered to suit any type of style or personality. Whether you desire a cool, stylish look or something more bohemian and artistic, there is an option for you.

Increase confidence: Many men find that wearing dreadlocks gives them a sense of style and fresh confidence. Even if it’s just a subtle feeling, the boost of confidence from wearing something that makes you feel powerful and stylish is undeniable.

Style Inspiration for Dreadlocks for Men  

With so many styling options available, there’s no shortage of ideas if you’re looking to achieve a certain look with your dreadlocks. Here are some of our favorite dreadlock styling ideas for men:

Half Up and Half Down: Combining the classic half up/half down style with dreads creates an edgier vibe. It’s a great way to show off the front of your locks without sacrificing the length.

Crown of Dreads: Wearing your dreads pulled up atop your head creates a regal, high-fashion look that’s perfect for a night out.

High Bun: A high bun is a great way to rock thick, long dreads. It’s a messier look, but the overall effect is stylish and modern.

Twists: Adding twists to your dreads is a great way to create different structures and textures without sacrificing the natural flow of your locks.

Two-Strand Twists: This particular style is great for creating a variety of textures and looks with your dreads. It also looks great when mixed with other styles as well.

Maintenance Tips for Dreadlocks for Men  

Once you’ve settled on the perfect look for your dreadlocks, it’s important to maintain them properly in order to keep them looking their best. Here are a few tips to keep your dreadlocks looking great:

Wash your locks regularly: While dreadlocks can be low-maintenance, they still require occasional cleansing. It’s important to use a specially formulated cleanser that is designed for dreadlocks as regular shampoo can be too harsh and damage your locks.

Avoid using wax: While wax can be helpful occasionally, it’s best to avoid it when possible as wax can cause buildup and damage to your dreads.

Gently massage your locks: Gently massaging your locks for a few minutes each day will help keep the locks loose and can help promote growth.

Avoid teasing your locks: While teasing your dreads occasionally can add a bit of texture and style, it’s best to not tease your locks too often as it can cause damage.

Dreadlocks have become increasingly popular in recent years, and as an option for men, too. Besides having the aesthetic and style benefits, dreadlocks can also be incredibly durable and low maintenance. With an array of styling ideas to choose from, there’s something for everyone and a unique look that can be tailored to any individual’s face shape and style preferences. Once you’ve settled on a style, make sure to follow proper maintenance tips in order to keep your locks looking great!

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