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Felicity Blunt: The Literary Agent and Wife of a Famous Actor

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Felicity Blunt is a successful literary agent and the wife of the famous actor, John Krasinski. She first made a name for herself in the world of publishing, way before she ever met her now-famous husband. From humble beginnings to a prominent agent, Blunt has proven time and time again that she’s not just another Hollywood wife.

Early Life and Education

Felicity Blunt is a native of Britain and was born on August 18th, 1983. During her childhood, Blunt enjoyed reading and writing as hobbies, leading her to enroll in the University of Kent in Canterbury. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, followed by a Master’s in the same subject from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Rise to Fame

In 2008, when Blunt was a student in Edinburgh, she secured her first job working as a junior agent for the independent literary and talent agency,Sheil Land Associates. She then moved to an even more prominent company, the Curtis Brown literary and talent agency in London, where she met Krasinski and began her now-famous relationship.

Blunt quickly worked her way up in the Curtis Brown agency, proving her worth with her hardworking attitude and creative spirit. She was soon promoted to Associate Agent, and over the 5 years she was with the organization, she was part of some major deals.

Blunt’s Deals and Achievements

As an Associate Agent, Blunt has been responsible for turning unknown authors into multimillion-dollar deals. Some of the author’s she has personally worked with include E L James, author of the iconic series Fifty Shades of Grey, Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club, and the popular Swedish thriller writer Stieg Larsson. Blunt quickly showed her skills and talents in a high-pressure market, and began to make a name for herself in the industry.

In 2012, Blunt made the decision to leave Curtis Brown and start her own literary agency with her business partner, Violet Kinsey. Together, they established the Fulwell 73 Literary agency, which is a highly successful company.

What Do Blunt and her Business Partner Have to Offer Authors?

Blunt and her business partner have decades of expertise and experience in the publishing industry, providing authors in their care with unique advice and assistance.

From manuscript assessments to securing deals with major publishers, Blunt and Kinsey’s Fulwell 73 Literary agency is a one-stop shop for authors who wish to have their work seen by the world.

In addition, Blunt and Kinsey are known for their personalized approach to work with authors, understanding the importance of developing relationships and trust.

Famous Couple

When Blunt first started dating John Krasinski, she wanted to keep her relationship out of the media and remain professional in the literary world.

But as their relationship blossomed, Blunt began appearing in a few of her husband’s movies, such as the Hollywood blockbuster ‘A Quiet Place’. The couple also had two children together, Hazel and Violet.

Despite being married to a famous actor, Blunt maintains a successful career as a literary agent and has proved time and time again that she’s not just a Hollywood wife.

Felicity Blunt is an impressive literary agent and wife of a famous actor. She has managed to carve out a career she can be proud of and is an inspiration to other women who are entering the publishing industry.

From her humble roots to having the success of publishing powerhouse authors, Blunt has proven that hard work and perseverance can take you places, even if you’re married to a famous actor.

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