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Football History: The Origins And How The Game Started

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Football—or soccer, as it’s called in some countries—is one of the most beloved and popular sports around the world. It’s estimated that 4 billion people across the globe watch and participate in the sport. But where did this beloved game come from? In this article, we’ll explore the football’s earliest origins, as well as its gradual evolution to the modern game we know and love today.

History: The Long Evolution of Football

Football is one of the oldest games known to humankind. The earliest known form of the game dates back thousands of years, to ancient China, Japan, and Persia. It’s even believed that Neanderthals engaged in the earliest form of football—a large rock served as the ball of choice.

The oldest surviving document related to the game is from the 4th century BC, in the form of an inscription from the Chinese Warring States period (403-221 BC). The inscriptions read, “Cuju,” which translates to “kick the ball.” The actual rules and play of cuju are unknown to this day, but it involved lots of kicking of a large animal hide-wrapped ball.

Origins of the Modern Game of Football

The earliest form of modern soccer dates back to the United Kingdom in the Middle Ages. At the time, the sport was quite chaotic. During the annual celebration of Shrovetide, townsfolk would try to pitch a ball made of animal bladders or guts over an entire village. It was an often violent game with no real objective, and became known as mob football.

Gradually, mob football started to develop rules. It eventually morphed into an organized sport known as “football” or “folk football” in the United Kingdom, although it was seen largely as a violent game lacking respectability. In order to control the crowds and address safety concerns, various laws and regulations were passed, such as “The Winchester Football” of 1477, which prohibited the use of hands.

A Modern Era for Football

The earliest years of organized football in the United Kingdom were formative and chaotic. People talked about the game, but no codified rules or official tournaments had been established. It wasn’t until the 19th century that teams and clubs started to form and organized matches began.

One of the biggest catalysts for football’s evolution in this era happened in 1863. This was when the world’s first governing body for the game, the Football Association, was formed. In October of that same year, the association wrote its official set of rules for what we now call football. These regulations were called the “Laws of the Game” and included rules such as prohibiting tripping and hacking.

From the Football Association came tournament leagues and cups, both local and international. The most popular and prestigious of these was the F.A. Cup, established in 1871. The F.A. Cup attracted fanfare and became part of a larger culture of football in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Today’s Version of Football

Since then, the game has evolved and become the sport we know and love today. In 1904, FIFA, the modern-day governing body of the sport, was established in France. This organization helped to spread and promote the game across the globe.

As football became more popular, training methods and rules were further established. Modern tactics began to develop, and the incredible skills of the world’s top players began to be on display. The rise of the television age helped to promote the sport further. Eventually, international tournaments started happening, such as the FIFA World Cup, which debuted in 1930 (and is still held annually to this day).

Players and spectators of today’s football games enjoy a level of safety, organization, and respectability that was previously unimaginable. The Laws of the Game, established by the Football Association in 1863, continue to shape and guide the sport to this day. With such a long and incredible history of commitment to the sport, it’s no wonder that football is the world’s most beloved and popular sport.

Football is one of the most beloved and popular sports around the world. It’s estimated that 4 billion people watch and participate in the sport each year. This amazing game has a long, complicated, and beautiful history that stretches back thousands of years. From ancient China and Japan to today’s modern era of football, it’s truly incredible how far this game has come. With its committed players, passionate fans, and beautiful stadiums, football continues to be a source of joy for millions around the globe.

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