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From Frequency to Quality: The Science Behind How Often You Should Have Sex

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Having sex can be a great way to let off steam after a long day or bond intimately with your partner. Everyone’s ideal frequency and quality of sex is different and can depend on numerous factors. When it comes to benefiting your body, mind, and relationship, science can offer some insight into the best frequency and quality of sex for you.

The Impacts of Sex on Your Health  

Having sex can do more than just provide a great physical experience. Beyond the obvious sensations, sex can have several surprising health benefits.

Increased Immunity

Having sex once or twice a week can boost your immune system. This benefit is largely attributed to the hormone oxytocin, which is released during ejaculation. Oxytocin is known to increase white blood cell count and production, thus providing an increase in overall immunity.

Improved Heart Health

It is well known that regular exercise helps keep the heart healthy, but did you know that sex can help too? According to research, individuals who partake in regular sex can lower their risk of heart disease and stroke.

Reduced Blood Pressure

When having a good time in the bedroom, your body releases endorphins, which not only help to decrease stress but also lower blood pressure levels.

Reduced Stress

Beyond the obvious physical benefits, sex can have phenomenal stress-reducing qualities. When your body releases oxytocin and endorphins, these hormones provide calming sensations that can lead to a boost in overall mental well-being.

The Impacts of Sex on Your Relationship  

Having regular sex with a partner can have positive impacts on a relationship. Above the physical pleasure, sex can provide emotional and psychological benefits which can strengthen your bond.

Increased Sense of Intimacy

When two or more people are engaging in a physical activity, it can increase feelings of closeness and connection. Having sex can improve intimacy and when partnered with emotional connection, can be a powerful way of showing devotion and affection.

Increased Trust

Having sex releases oxytocin, which can promote feelings of trust with your partner. Oxytocin can mitigate anxiety in relationships by eliminating triggers that cause insecurities and outbursts. This hormone can also be extremely beneficial for couples going through a rough patch.

Improved Communication

Good communication is the key to any strong rapport. When it comes to sex, it demonstrates an effective communication in the bedroom. The skill of being able to communicate wants and needs is extremely beneficial to any relationship and can help prevent misunderstandings in the future.

Finding the Right Frequency and Quality of Sex for You   

Raise your hand if you’ve heard someone say they’re “too busy” to have sex. We’re all busy with schedules that have us pulled in multiple directions. Knowing the right amount of sex to have can be tricky. To help you determine the best frequency and quality of sex for you, consider the following:

Your Physical and Mental Health: Your health should always come first. Pay attention to your mental and physical energy levels. Ideally, sex will give you an energy boost rather than make you feel drained.

Relationship Dynamics: Everyone’s relationship dynamics look different. Evaluate your boundaries and talk with your partner about the amount of sex that’s comfortable for both of you.

Overlapping Schedules: This may not be the most glamorous factor in deciding how often you should have sex, but it’s important. If you’re both working and/or have separate activities that occupy a lot of time, it can be difficult to line up the perfect moment to get down. Make sure time is on your side.

Quality vs. Quantity: If you’re feeling too busy to have frequent sex, don’t worry. Quality is much more important than quantity. Making time for passion sets the stage for an intense, sensuous, and pleasurable experience.

Enhancing Your Sexual Experience  

If you’re looking to increase the frequency and quality of sex in your life, consider the following suggestions.

Sex Toys

Sex toys can add immense pleasure to your experience. From vibrators for her to cock rings for him, you can find plenty of options to make your sex life more enjoyable.

Sex Games

Sex games can be a great way to get creative in the bedroom and put a little fun into your sex life. Try including bondage and role play, or creating points and rewards systems.


Put the effort in to look good for your partner. Whether it’s a nice dress, suit, lingerie, or pajamas, wear clothes that make you feel great. Sprucing up your appearance can be a great way to set the stage for a romantic evening.

How often and what quality you should have sex depends on personal preference and your health, lifestyle, and relationship dynamics. From increased immunity and improved heart health to increased intimacy and trust, having regular sex can do wonders for your body and your relationship. If plans and schedules can’t line up for you and your partner, put effort into making the quality of sex count. Finally, don’t forget to not only cover the physical aspects, but also add plenty of romantic and playful elements.

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