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How to Have Great Morning Sex

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Morning sex is a great way to start off the day feeling energized and euphoric, whether you are in a couple or single. Chances are – if you’ve tried to have morning sex – that you know it can be tricky. It’s difficult to move from sleep to arousal, and even harder to find a way to make sure both partners have mutually satisfying sex. So, if you’re looking for ways to make morning sex incredible, here are some tips to help you out.

Wake Up Early

The most important factor in having a good morning sex session is to make sure you have enough time. If you have to rush it or cram it into your morning plans, it’s less likely to end in satisfaction. Therefore, try to wake up a bit earlier and make sure both of you are well-rested before initiating any action. To make the morning sex even more sustainable and pleasurable, take the time to slowly start with a few cuddles and caresses without directly getting into the act right away.

Romance and Stimulation

It may take a while to adjust to the morning and feel aroused in a way that you normally would. Take all the time needed to completely get into the zone, and don’t feel forced to get on with it if you’re not feeling it. To make the romantic process easier, you can kiss and caress each other in ways that make both feel good. That way, you can switch from sleep to arousal much smoother and faster.


The room temperature when you have morning sex is a huge factor that can determine whether you have good or bad sex. Make sure you take safety precautions such as switching off the air conditioner and having enough blankets to keep the room warm. If the room is too cold, your body won’t be able to relax, which is the ideal state to get the best out of the experience.


Lighting plays a big role in the sex experience, but especially when it’s morning sex. Sexy lighting can help you get in the mood and gives you time to explore each other’s body even more. You can set up some nice lighting such as nice lamps or candles and open up some curtains to let in the light of the sunrise. This will give you the perfect conditions to enjoy morning sex.


Positioning is key when it comes to having good sex in general but even more when it comes to morning sex. Traditional positions like missionary or doggy might tire you out quicker in the morning since you will have less energy than normal. Try out some positions which are more comfortable and less effortful, like spooning, lying on your side, or using a special pillow like “the wedge” under your hips to add some delicious stimulation.


For some people, morning sex can be very dehydrating. Sweat and dehydration can make it more difficult to enjoy the experience. Thus, using lube can amend this issue and help you better enjoy the experience. Lube can be used with condoms and break the friction in a way that makes sex more pleasurable.

No Pressure

Last but certainly not least, morning sex should be about connecting with your partner or enjoying it as a single. Don’t add unnecessary pressure and don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t make it to the finish line. This shouldn’t be about ending in an orgasmic frenzy but rather about understanding what makes both partners feel good.

Overall, having morning sex is a great way to light up your day with a bit of playtime. Just remember, it’s about quality and not about quantity, so take the time to enjoy it and make it memorable. Feel free to experiment and remember there’s no pressure with morning sex. Spicing up your morning can be very rewarding and it only requires a bit of effort, planning, and rehearsal to make it happen. So may the morning orgasms be with you!

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