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How to Prioritize Sex in Your Relationship

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Maintaining a healthy and satisfying sex life is essential for any relationship. Unfortunately, when usually the honeymoon phase passes, most couples end up falling into a dry spell where they have less and less sex. This can have a huge negative impact on their individual and couple’s happiness. It is important to realize that sex shouldn’t be a chore. Instead, it should be seen as an enjoyable and bonding experience. If you and your partner are looking for ways to prioritize sex in your relationship, read on for some helpful tips.

The Importance of Sex in Your Relationship

Sex is often talked about in terms of pure physical pleasure, but it is actually a complex interplay of emotional, psychological and physical excitement. Studies have shown that couples who engage in regular sex (defined as two or more times per week) report higher levels of overall happiness and well-being in comparison to couples who have less frequent sex. Beyond its many psychological and emotional benefits, sex can also have physical advantages. It is not only associated with pain regulation when done in the right way and frequency, but also with physical restorative benefits like improved heart function and a stronger immune system.

Creating an Open Conversation About Sex

The first step that partners need to take when trying to prioritize sex in their relationship is to create an open conversation about it. Do not shy away from discussing individual preferences in the bedroom and open conversations about what both partners need in order to feel sexually satisfied and connected. Sexual needs and desires usually differ from one individual to the next and it is important for both partners to understand what these differences are.

Making Time for Sex

One of the most common issues among couples, especially those with children, is finding enough time for sex. Life often gets busy and couples can easily get caught up in work, childcare and household chores, leaving little time for sex-related activities and an intimate connection. That is why it is important to schedule and prioritize sex. Put it on your calendar and treat it like any other important task. Whether it is weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly, make sure to take some time for sex and make it count.

Having Fun in the Bedroom

Having fun in the bedroom is a great way to prioritize sex in your relationship. Explore new positions, techniques and toys and make sure to ALWAYS practice safe sex. Incorporate role-play, dance, games and any other ideas that each partner enjoys. The main goal should be to figure out and share what each other loves and create a space of mutual trust and enjoyment.

Being Open and Vocal

Partners should also be open and vocal about what they want. Don’t be shy about talking about your experiences and fantasies or initiating physical contact and affection in the bedroom. Saying “yes” to sex and being eager and ready to take part in it can significantly benefit the relationship and make the experience both enjoyable and memorable.

Disconnecting From Technology

Finally, it is essential to disconnect from technology while sharing physical time with your partner. Turn off your phones and computers and minimize other barriers that can get between you and your partner. This simple practice can make a huge difference to your sex life and help you both prioritize and focus on it.

In order to prioritize sex in your relationship, you and your partner must start with communication, understanding and exploring each other’s sexual needs and desires. Make time for sex, explore the fun of the bedroom and be vocal with your wishes and preferences. Finally, disconnect from technology and electronic devices and enjoy the intimate moments with your partner – only then will you be able to fully prioritize sex in your relationship.

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