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How to Take Your Intimacy in Bed to the Next Level?

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 If you’ve been looking for ways to spice up your bedroom activities and go from mediocre lovemaking to a level of passion and closeness you never thought possible, you’ve come to the right place. Even couples who have been together for many years can still find new and exciting ways of heightening the intimacy and pleasure they experience together. Thankfully, by following the right steps and techniques, you can take your intimacy in bed to the next level in no time.

Preparing to Take Your Intimacy to the Next Level

The best way to start the journey of improving your sexual relationship is by talking to your partner and assessing just how much intimacy you want to reach. Open and honest communication is essential if both of you want to understand each other properly and be in sync. Between both of you, make sure you’re aware of what your expectations are, what actions you are and aren’t comfortable with, and any physical or psychological boundaries either of you may have.

The following are some important tips for preparing to take your intimacy in bed to the next level:

  1. Ensure both of you are fully comfortable sharing what turns you on, what you fantasize about, and what you aren’t interested in.

  2. Be honest with each other and free up emotionally. Let go of any feelings of shame and don’t be afraid to suggest things your partner may not be expecting.

  3. Devise a plan together on what steps, touches, movements and actions you want to take in order to gradually build up your intimacy.

  4. Set a few goals for your relationship in order to keep track of your progress, such as more frequent foreplay, longer and more intense sessions, and more unique activities.

Creative Ideas to Take Your Intimacy to the Next Level

Now that you have come to a mutual understanding of how you would like to progress in terms of your intimacy, it is time to start taking action. Here are some creative and exciting ideas on how you can take your intimacy in bed to the next level:

  1. Introduce some sex toys into the mix. Whether it’s dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, or other adult toys, these devices can definitely add an extra level of stimulation and passion to your lovemaking.

  2. Set the tone and start getting sexy with some sexy lingerie. Wearing lingerie during sex can be a great way to add a certain level of seduction, mystery, and glamour to your intimate moments.

  3. Have sex in some unexpected places. Instead of your usual bed, try having sex in other places like the shower, the kitchen, or even outdoors if you feel adventurous.

  4. Talk dirty during sex. Using dirty words is a great way to let your partner know how you feel and also to really add an extra level of excitement to your lovemaking sessions.

  5. Try different types of sex. While missionary is the most popular and common position, try experimenting with doggy style, cow girl, reverse cowgirl, and other known ones like the spider and the butterfly.

  6. Take your time and make sure lovemaking is more than just the act itself. This means kissing, massaging, and just spend lots of time appreciating your partner’s body and their pleasure zones.

  7. Have sex in the dark. When you can’t see your partner, it brings in a certain level of mystery, difficulty, and a heightened level of closeness between you two.

  8. Practice tantric sex. Tantric sex focuses on prolonging the act of sex, being fully aware and conscious of your partner’s body and pleasure zones, and focusing on just the two of you, mostly through the use of slow and smooth movements.

  9. Play naughty games or watch an erotic film together. This will definitely get both of you in the mood and create an exciting atmosphere prior to any type of intimate contact.

  10. Buy some flavoured lubes and massage oils. Anything that adds to the taste, smell and sensuality of the act is always welcome.

By following the advice and instructions given in this article, you are well on your way to taking your intimacy in bed to the next level. Remember that as long as both partners are aware of what is desired, comfortable and safe, there really are no limits to how far you can go in improving your bedroom experiences. Let the ideas you have read today be the first of many steps you and your partner take toward the pleasure and intimacy you have always been aiming for.

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