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Longer Beard Styles for Men: How to Grow and Groom Your Facial Hair

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Longer Beard Styles for Men: How to Grow and Groom Your Facial Hair

Beards are a timeless fashion accessory for men, with celebrities, influencers, and everyday guys alike choosing to show off the facial hair they’re growing. Whether you’re sporting full, traditional coverage or something that’s a little more contoured, lengthening your beard is a great way to create a look that’s tailored to your own personal aesthetic. Here’s a guide to the best ways grow, groom, and maintain longer beard styles for men.

Understanding Your Face Shape

When you’re considering which type of beard to grow, it’s important to consider the shape of your face. Different facial structures suit certain lengths better than others, so it’s best to consider your own features when selecting your beard style.

For those with round faces, like a circle, a longer beard would suit better. This creates the illusion of a longer face, making your features appear thinner and more defined. For square-shaped faces, a medium to shorter beard suits better, as this counterbalances a more angular chin structure.

For oblong faces, a medium to longer beard can create a more balanced look, while those with a heart-shaped face should opt for a beard which is slightly longer on the chin than the cheeks. It should be about two inches long in order for it to provide the necessary width and balance.

Starting the Process: Growing Your Beard Longer

Your first step to achieving your desired longer beard is to grow it out. This can take a while, so you need to make sure to be patient and not try to rush it. It’s best practice to stop shaving (apart from keeping your neckline neat) and just let your hair grow. Doing this will give you an idea of the basic shape you’ll ultimately have.

In some cases, it can help to have a beard roadmap. The roadmap is a clear route which you can follow as your facial hair grows, setting loose guidelines for how to sculpt the length, shape and texture of your beard. Assessing the length, thickness and growth patterns of your beard every few weeks can give you a better idea of where you’re going.

Stay Committed to Your Beard Growth

Growing a longer beard can take months, sometimes even up to a year, so you’ll need to stay true to your commitment during the long haul. Depending on genetics, factors such as your age, diet and lifestyle can have an impact on the growth of your beard.

In order to achieve the best possible growth, it’s important to make sure that you’re consuming a balanced diet and abstaining from alcohol, smoking and any other recreational habits which could prevent optimal hair growth. Make sure to stay hydrated, too; consuming enough water will help to keep your beard from feeling too dry or itchy as it grows.

Styling and Grooming Tips for Longer Beards

Once your beard has grown out to a longer length, there are a few tricks that can be employed to make the style look even better. One of the primary tips for those growing out their beards is to keep it neat.

When visiting the barbershop, ask the barber to trim your beard to an even length all over. This will prevent overgrown patches and keep the growth even so that you can enjoy a more cohesive look.

You’ll also need to keep an eye on the neckline. It’s important to trim hairs growing beyond where your neck meets your chin so that the style looks more contoured. For a classic style, use a razor to create a curved line around adam’s apple, taper it all the way down to the end of your chin.

Adding Products to Enhance Your Longer Beard

When your beard is at a longer length, it’s important to use products in order to keep it looking neat and healthy. Using a quality conditioner or balm can help to keep your hair moisturized and nourished, preventing it from looking dry or brittle.

A light beard oil can also be used to keep your facial hair in shape, using no more than a couple of drops at a time. Rubbed into your hands and then applied to your beard, oil can protect it from damage and add a little extra shine.

Finally, a beard brush or comb can be used to tame any rough hairs while keeping everything in its place. All of these products can be bought online or at your local barbershop.

How to Trim and Maintain Your Beard

Trimming your beard is essential to maintain its longer length and keep your facial hair looking neat and tidy. You should go to visit your barber every 4-6 weeks in order to keep your longer beard looking its best, although it can be possible to take care of any maintenance yourself.

Using clippers, you can easily trim any wild hairs around the neckline or areas where your beard is thicker. You can also use trimmers to outline the shape of your beard and keep it looking symmetrical. Looking after your beard regularly will give it the best chance of appearing healthy and stronger.

Growing and styling a longer beard is a great way to add character to your look, but it’s important to understand your face shape and consider how that will affect the style you choose.

Remember to take your time when attempting to grow out a longer beard and make sure to stay committed to the process, even if it takes longer than you might expect. It’s important to choose a beard roadmap and pick quality products to help you groom and maintain your style better. With the right attention and care, you’ll have the perfect longer beard to show off in no time.

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