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Nicole Shanahan: The Legal Tech Innovator Making Waves in Silicon Valley

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Nicole Shanahan is a successful entrepreneur, innovator, and legal technologist based in the Silicon Valley. Shanahan is widely credited with creating some of the most revolutionary digital solutions in the field of law, while proactively addressing the need to find new solutions to provide access to legal healthcare for all. Her mission has been to make legal services more efficient, accessible and cost-effective. Her passion for technology and determination to make a lasting impact in the legal world has made her one of the most prominent names in the industry.

Early Career 

Nicole Shanahan was born in California and grew up in Idaho. Growing up, she displayed an early talent for technology and an entrepreneurial spirit. While in college, she founded a non-profit organization aimed at providing resources for improving the lives of disadvantaged women. After college, Shanahan began her career in the legal sector, first at a private law firm and then at a major law school focused on technology solutions.

Breakthrough in Legal Technology 

In 2015, Shanahan founded Clear Access IP, a software company focused on providing innovative legal solutions by transforming the process of filing and managing intellectual property rights. Initially based in Santa Clara University’s StartX incubator, Clear Access IP has since become a major contributor to the industry. With its cutting-edge technology, Clear Access IP has been able to reduce the complexity and cost of filing and managing intellectual property rights.

LegalTech Platform 

Shanahan’s next venture was creating the legal technology platform, LegalMation. LegalMation is an AI-assisted legal automation software that streamlines the process of creating legal documents, making it faster, easier, and more affordable for lawyers, businesses, and law firms. Shanahan got the idea for LegalMation from her own experience in the legal sector, where she saw firsthand the lack of access to efficient, affordable legal services.

Advancement in Public Records

 Shanahan’s next groundbreaking venture is focused on improving public records. Citing disorganization and inaccessibility of public records as a major issue, Shanahan is working to create a platform that enables users to quickly and easily find the public records they need. Her goal is to make public records more accessible to the public, which will ultimately lead to a more transparent legal system.


In addition to her business endeavors, Shanahan is also an ardent philanthropist. She is a board member at a number of non-profits dedicated to providing equal access to legal services, creating economic opportunities for women and minorities, and increasing digital literacy. Her broad and well-rounded approach to tackling major societal issues has earned her recognition and respect from a wide range of leaders in the industry.

Awards and Recognition 

Shanahan’s commitment to legal tech innovation has been acknowledged and celebrated on numerous occasions. In 2018, she was awarded the Legal Difference Maker of the Year award presented by the Legal Times, and in 2020, she was named one of the Most Influential Lawyers in Technology by the American Lawyer Magazine. Additionally, she has been featured in a range of leading publications such as Time Magazine, Forbes Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

Nicole Shanahan is a true innovator in the field of legal technology. Her commitment to increasing access to legal services, promoting digital literacy, and advocating for under-represented groups has made her a pioneer and leader in the industry. Her savvy business acumen, tech wizardry, and philanthropic efforts have earned her international recognition and respect among her peers. Her groundbreaking legal solutions have positively impacted thousands of people and organizations around the world, and she is well on her way to transforming the legal industry for the better.

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