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Sasha Obama: Growing Up in the White House and Finding Her Own Path

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Sasha Obama has been living in the public eye since she was just seven years old, when she and her family moved into the White House in 2009. As the youngest daughter of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Sasha spent her formative years living in a place that had the eyes of the world upon it. All the while, she was just a child, often seen tagging along with her family and playing soccer with her friends on the South Lawn.

Fast-forward to 2021, and at 22 years old, Sasha is a college graduate and likely soon-to-be law student at the University of Michigan. She’s accomplished a lot in her young life, and much of it has been done out of the public eye. Here’s a look at growing up in the White House, finding her own path and what we can expect from Sasha Obama in the future.

Sasha Obama’s White House Journey

The Obamas moved into the White House in January of 2009, when Sasha was seven and her older sister Malia was ten. The Obamas had already achieved some of their key policy priorities and become established in DC politics. Now, the former First Ladies election to the highest office in the nation was about to change the lives of Sasha and Malia forever.

Sasha was only seven years old when she entered the White House and started her first year of school. Initially shy and slightly withdrawn, Sasha soon began to come out of her shell and embrace the unique privileges of living in the White House. She had access to the best teachers and tutors, the country’s best museums and national parks, private tennis lessons and even a pet rabbit.

At the same time, being a child in the White House wasn’t all fun and games. From her very first day in the White House until her last, Sasha and her family were constantly under scrutiny, particularly from the press and right-wing media. For example, Sasha’s attendance at an Ivy League school prompted intense, unfounded speculation by certain media outlets about her college admissions process.

Sasha’s Transition to College Life

Since leaving the White House in 2017, Sasha has kept a low profile, although occasionally, glimpses of her life have peeked through. In 2017, Sasha graduated from Sidwell Friends High School and enrolled at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where her father graduated from in 1983. Despite having celebrity parents, Sasha reportedly had a normal college admissions process and didn’t receive any special treatment.

During her time at the University of Michigan, Sasha has pursued a low-key lifestyle and has been fully supported by her parents. When Sasha had to transition to virtual classes because of the pandemic, the Obamas famously moved to a house near the University of Michigan to be close to her.

In December 2020, Sasha graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. According to reports, she was heavily involved in volunteer and service initiatives in the Ann Arbor area, including advocating for preferential admissions policies towards low-income and first-generation college students.

What’s Next for Sasha Obama?

After graduating from college, Sasha Obama is likely gearing up to attend law school, although the exact timing and location of her program are officially undisclosed. While Sasha’s law school plans may remain secret for now, it seems certain that she’ll use the degree to continue advocating for marginalized people and communities.

Sasha has already voiced her interest in public service, having promoted the Census count in 2020 and traveled to North Carolina to get out the vote in the 2020 election. Going forward, Sasha seems sure to remain outspoken on issues she’s passionate about and to serve as an example to other young women that they can pursue their dreams, no matter the scale of the challenge they face.

Although she was only seven years old when she started, Sasha Obama had the unique experience of growing up in the White House for eight years. In that time, she emerged from a shy middle schooler to a confident young woman who’s now set to begin a law degree.

It’s been inspiring to watch Sasha grow up in the public eye and find her own path, and the world is excited to see what she does next. No matter what she chooses to do in her career, Sasha’s activism and intellectualism have already made her an example to young women all around the world.

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