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Short Hairstyles for Men: Low-Maintenance Cuts That Are Always in Style

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Short Hairstyles for Men: Low-Maintenance Cuts That Are Always in Style  

Have you ever felt like your hair takes a lot of time to maintain and style? If you’re one of those men who are looking to cut down on their styling time while keeping up their good looks, then consider going for a low-maintenance short hairstyle. Not only will a short hairstyle free up more time in your daily schedule, but you’ll look more dapper and more put-together too. To help you out, here are some tips on choosing and styling the perfect short hairstyle for you.

What to Consider When Choosing a Short Hairstyle for Men  

Choosing the right type of short hairstyle for you is no small feat. After all, the style should fit your facial features and enhancing the look of your best feature is key. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a short hairstyle for your face shape.

Face Shape

The shape of your face is a key factor when it comes to choosing a short hairstyle that best suits you. The goal is to find a style that will flatter and balance your facial features. Here’s a quick guide to the right type of hairstyle for your face shape:

• Round face shape – try longer top locks to create length and width to elongate the face.

• Square face shape – shave the sides of your hair shorter to soften up your angles and add volume to the top.

• Oval face shape – look good in almost any style as it is the most proportionate and balanced of all facial shapes.

• Heart face shape – opt for a style with side layers and texture to add width and widen the lower portion of your face.

• Triangle face shape – create volume on the top to balance out the face and soften the jawline.

Hair Type

Your hairstyle also depends on your hair type. Whether your hair is thick, thin, curly, or straight, there is a short style that will look great on you.

•Wavy or curly media hair – the strategic placement of layers can help enhance your luscious locks and add texture to your style for a more enhanced look.

•Straight hair – layer it up or opt for spiked up locks. You can even crop it super short if you’re feeling daring.

•Thick hair – choose a style that’s not too razor-cut to avoid looking bulky.

•Fine/thin hair – add thickness with longer layers and cropped back sections to draw attention to the top of your head.

Top Short Hairstyles for Men That Are Always in Style

Now that you know what factors to consider when choosing a short hairstyle for yourself, here’s a list of classic short hairstyles for men that will always be in style no matter the season.

•The Caesar Cut

Inspired by none other than Julius Caesar himself, the Caesar cut is a timeless classic. It’s characterized by the even sides and the front fringe that falls down just above the eyes. This style is perfect for oval and round face shapes, as it helps to add fullness and balance the face.

•The Pompadour

This style is all about the volume on top. The sides and back should be cropped short while the top should be left slightly long and styled with mousse or pomade. This style is best suited for those with thicker hair, especially if you’re looking to add some extra glamour and pizzazz to your look.

•The Buzz Cut

The no-fuss hairstyle, the buzz cut is suitable for those looking for a clean and simple look. This short hairdo is perfect for those with thin hair and a square face shape, as it helps to soften the angles of your face.

•The Faded Cut

For those with thicker hair and a longer face shape, the faded cut is a great option. This style is characterized by shorter sides and a slowly graduating longer top.

•The Side Part

A modern classic that can suit any man’s style. Whether you’re going for a professional look or something more hip, the side part is a style you can’t go wrong with.

•The Ivy League

For a more formal and polished look, consider the Ivy League. This style features a side part that adds an edge to the look while still keeping it neat.

What You Need to Style Short Hair  

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect low-maintenance hairstyle, it’s time to style it. Here is a list of items you’ll need to get the best looks out of your short hairstyle:

•An all-in-one shampoo and conditioner – this will help to protect your hair from split ends and damage and nourish it.

•Hair gel or wax – depending on the style you want to achieve, you may want to use a medium-hold gel or a firm-hold wax to keep your style in place.

•A hairbrush – it’s important to brush your hair every day to keep it looking neat.

•A comb – for more defined and sharp-looking hair, you may opt to use a comb to create lines and styles.

•Hairspray – a good hairspray helps to keep your hair from getting frizzy and can help you style harder-to-control locks.

How to Style Short Hair  

Once you have all the tools, the next step is to learn how to style your short hairstyle. Here is a step-by-step guide for styling a classic short hairstyle:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

  2. Dry your hair with a towel and brush out any tangles.

  3. Rub some hair gel or wax onto your palms and apply it evenly to your hair.

  4. Use a comb to create the desired look and brush back any loose strands.

  5. To finish it off, spritz some hairspray on your hair.

Tips and Tricks for Extra Styling  

• For an extra clean look, use some styling mousse or putty instead of a gel or wax.

• To add a little extra definition and texture to your hairstyle, use a blow dryer while styling.

• To keep your short hairstyle from looking too boring and one-dimensional, layer up some different lengths and textures.

• For an extra manicured look, use a razor comb for precision edging and styling.

Short hairstyles for men are a great way to save on time spent styling your hair and still look good. Choosing the right style for your facial shape, hair type, and styling needs is key to looking and feeling your best. With these tips and tricks, you’ll surely an ideal low-maintenance short hairstyle that’s always in style.

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