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The Best Exercises for When You’re Feeling Angry

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When it comes to dealing with our own anger, it can be difficult to maintain a level head. It’s a natural response to take a step back, take a minute to cool down, and either externalize your anger or suppress it. That being said, exercising can be a great way to manage your anger. Not only does it release endorphins and helps maintain good health, but it can also be extremely beneficial in reducing stress, increasing energy and allowing you to process emotions. 

Here are the best exercises for when you’re feeling angry.

Benefits of Exercising When Angry

Exercising can be hugely beneficial when it comes to regulating emotions and dealing with anger. Whether it be with yoga, running, or any other physical activity, it can act as outlets to reduce stress, focus on breathing, and release tension. Exploring what physical activities are most enjoyable for you to do can be a great choice in channeling your anger. Here are some of the benefits of exercises for when you’re angry:

• Releases stress hormones: Exercising is a great way to decrease stress hormones in the body such as cortisol, which can significantly reduce angry feelings.

• Increases endorphins: Endorphins are known as the “feel-good” hormones. Any kind of movement can help you to feel better and less angry.

• Process emotions: Physical activity is an effective way to process anger and learn to manage it better. It’s a great way to take some time to cool down and release some of that built-up energy.

The Best Exercises For Managing Anger

  1. Running: Running can be a great way to burn energy and release strong emotions. It’s also an exercise that is quite easy to do since it can be done anywhere. Taking the time to go for a nice run outdoors can be especially helpful in clearing the mind.

  2. Yoga: Doing yoga can be beneficial to reduce stress and process emotion. It helps in focusing on the breath, calming the mind and taking the time to tune into the body. It’s also a great exercise to practice mindfulness.

  3. Strength Training: The process of training your body can be an excellent way to take your time and focus on something else. Whether you’re just lifting weights or getting involved in any type of strength activity, these exercises can help in managing your anger.

  4. Swimming: Swimming is a great way to release tension as you move your body through the water. It’s often seen as a form of meditation and can help in calming the mind.

  5. HIIT: High-intensity workouts such as HIIT can be a great way to vent out the anger. It’s a great way to burn those negative emotions through vigorous exercises.

  6. Rock Climbing: Rock climbing is a great physical activity to challenge your body, mind and focus. It’s a great way to become aware of your surroundings as you focus on each move to get you to the top.

  7. Hiking: Taking a nice long walk outdoors is an effective way to get to know your body, yourself and your environment. Exploring natural routes is a great way to process emotion and gain perspective.

Tips For Managing Anger with Exercise

• Choose the right activity: Picking an exercise that you enjoy doing is the best way to manage your anger. It can be anything as simple as walking, swimming or any other activity that makes you feel good and reduces your stress.

• Start slowly: It’s important to start slowly and be patient with yourself. Allowing yourself to take your time and gradually increase intensity can be beneficial to your mental and physical health.

• Stay consistent: Incorporating exercises into your daily routine will be hugely beneficial. Taking the time to practice these activities at least a couple of days a week or more can help you to see and feel the benefits in the long run.

• Set goals: Setting achievable goals for yourself can be a great way to stay motivated. Don’t forget to celebrate small successes as you progress.

There are so many benefits to exercising when you’re feeling angry. Taking the time to try different exercises and activities can help tremendously in managing and reducing your anger. Remember to take it easy when starting out and to find the kind of activity that works best for you to help in giving yourself the time and space you need to better understand and manage your emotions. What works for one person may not work for another, so find out what activities and exercises work best for you to help reduce your stress and anger.

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