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The Best Woman-On-Top Sex Positions

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When it comes to sex, the often-dreaded mission of sex position selection can be difficult for couples trying to spice up their lives. But fear not, partners – the woman-on-top sex position is an often overlooked position with many options to choose from when exploring your own, or your partner’s, desires.

Woman-on-top sex positions provide a range of experiences and sensations that go beyond just the physical. Not only do they empower the partner on top to take control, but they can also help facilitate certain kinds of orgasms or even stimulate different erogenous zones on the partner below.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be exploring the world of the best woman-on-top sex positions, exploring their benefits and providing tips and tricks on how to make the most out of each one. Whether you’re a long-time couple or just getting your feet wet in the bedroom, these sex positions can help you explore the many possibilities of male- and female-centric sex.

Benefits of Woman-On-Top Sex Positions 

One of the biggest benefits of the woman-on-top position for both partners is the increased intimacy during the act. Because the person on top is in control of thrusting and angling the penis or sex toy, it allows them to be more in tune with their partner’s body and sensations.

This can not only lead to better and more powerful orgasms for both parties, but also increased trust, communication and understanding between the two. Depending on the positions chosen, woman-on-top sex can also stimulate different erogenous zones on the partner below, such as the nipples, inner thighs, and back.

Finally, the partner on top can also use the position to control the rhythm and speed that they thrust or move in, giving them more power over the action.

Common Woman-On-Top Sex Positions Cowgirl 

When it comes to classic woman-on-top positions, look no further than the cowgirl. This popular position is often a favorite among both partners because it allows for deep penetration, as well as intense clitoral stimulation. To get into the cowgirl position, you’ll want to begin by lying on your back. Once you’re ready, the partner on top can straddle you with either one or both legs, depending on the range of motion available.

From there, they can use their arms as leverage while they thrust back and forth. If you’re looking to increase clitoral stimulation, the partner on top can lean forwards and down onto the partner below, giving them increased control over the grinding and rubbing motions.

Reverse Cowgirl 

For a slightly different take on the classic cowgirl position, some lovers might opt for the reverse cowgirl. As the name suggests, this position has the partner on top facing away from the partner below, similar to a traditional cowgirl but with a flipped body orientation. The advantage here is that it provides access to more erogenous zones during the action, such as the neck and back.

The partner on top also has greater control over the positioning of their legs and torso, which can achieve various sensations for both partners. For a more intense experience, the partner on top can also choose to lean backwards, placing their lower back on the partner’s stomach and chest.

Parallel Sitting 

For partners looking to mix up their seating arrangements, the parallel sitting position provides a comfortable and intimate experience while still giving the partner on top the ability to control the action.

To get into the position, both partners should sit on the bed facing one another. The partner on top should then straddle the partner below, using their arms or elbows to steady and support their body weight. From there, they can begin to move in a back-and-forth and circular motion, changing the speed and angle of penetration as they see fit.

The angle of the position also means that both partners’ genitals may rub up against each other, providing extra stimulation during the action.


One of the more unusual yet enjoyable positions for woman-on-top, the arch is surprisingly easy to maintain and quite stimulating for both partners.

To get into the arch, the partner on top should begin by kneeling between their partner’s legs. Then, they should use their hands to grip the upper thighs of their partner, allowing them to stay in an upright position as they begin to rock from side to side and thrust. This position works particularly well for those who need extra support while having sex, as it takes the pressure off of the partner on top’s body.

The angle of the position is also quite different than the other positions, arcing forward and backward in a way that can bring pleasure to both parties.


Though not often considered a woman-on-top position, missionary style sex can still be quite fulfilling and empowering when done by the partner on top. To get into the position, both partners should lie on their backs, with the partner on top straddling their partner below. From there, they can begin to thrust as they see fit, and guide the motion of their hips.

The great thing about this position is that it can provide deep penetration, as well as access to the breasts and stomach of the partner on the bottom. Additionally, if the partner on the bottom is particularly strong and determined, they may be able to start thrusting from the bottom, helping to engage and stimulate the partner on top.

Tips for Making the Most Out of Woman-On-Top Sex Positions 

Bear in mind your own needs – One of the key components to making the most out of woman-on-top sex positions is knowing what you want from the experience. If you’re looking for a sensual and intimate experience, choose positions that focus on grinding and clitoral stimulation. If you’re looking for increased stimulation in the G-spot or prostate area, choose positions that provide deeper penetration. No matter what you choose, keep in mind what will give you the most satisfaction during the action.

Focus on communication – As with any type of sexual interaction, communication is key. Make sure to talk with your partner beforehand, enjoying the sensations and rhythm of the act. If you’re not sure which type of position or speed works best for you and your partner, take the time to talk about it, and let your partner guide you along if needed.

Explore the different angles – Depending on the position chosen, the angle and depth of penetration can vary significantly. This means that during the action, you’ll want to experiment with different angles and body movements in order to discover the most pleasurable experience for both of you.

The world of woman-on-top sex positions offers a wide variety of experiences that can bring pleasure to both partners. From the intimacy of the mission position to the toe-curling pleasure of the arch, there’s no shortage of fun to be had between the sheets. After reviewing some of the benefits, common positions and tips for making the most out of the action, you’re now ready to explore different possibilities and sensations while having sex.

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