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The Nissan Figaro: A Quirky Retro Car with a Cult Following

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For those looking for a different car, something a bit outside the norm and with a bit of a cult following, the Nissan Figaro should be at the top of their list. Originally released for one year only in 1991, this quirky retro car has become something of an icon in its own right, as it continues its cult status long after production ceased.

History of the Nissan Figaro

The Nissan Figaro is a two-seater, four-door car with a classic, retro style. It was initially released by Nissan in 1991 as part of a new series of limited edition vehicles called “Pike Cars”. The Figaro, alongside the Nissan Pao and Nissan S-Cargo, was intended to give Nissan a modern-retro niche in the market. The Figaro was the most popular of the two and featured design elements inspired by classic European car designs such as the Citroen 2CV and Fiat 500.

Nissan launched the car in Japan as part of its exclusive Pike Car range and production was limited to just 20,000 vehicles. In the U.K., the Figaro was only available through specialized dealerships and was very much a niche vehicle. As such, the Figaro has become something of a cult classic, with the few remaining examples now commanding high prices.

Styling and Design of the Nissan Figaro

The Figaro has a vintage, classic look to it and its design is based on a number of classic European vehicles from the early 1960s. The car has distinctive round headlights, a two-tone exterior paint job, a soft-top roof and chrome accents. The car also features an oval-shaped dashboard, a single windshield wiper, and an interior consisting of leather, plastic, and wood. It is powered by an 880cc turbocharged engine and features an automatic transmission.

The car is popular with both car enthusiasts and everyday drivers looking for a unique, quirky vehicle. The Figaro is often seen as something of a fashion statement, an expression of its owner’s personality, and a stylish classic cruiser.

The Cult Following of the Nissan Figaro

The Nissan Figaro has gained a cult following over the years and for good reason. Its classic, retro styling, combined with its limited production run, have made it a highly sought after vehicle. It is often seen as the classic Japanese car, with its design and styling being strikingly similar to classic European cars from the early 1960s.

The car has become a cult classic for car enthusiasts, with its combination of classic styling and modern tech. There are even numerous websites and online forums dedicated to the Figaro, and the car has even been featured in the popular movie The Italian Job.

Longevity of the Nissan Figaro

The Japanese built the Figaro in 1991, but it’s remarkable how timeless the design has become and how it has remained a fan favorite over the years. The only major change that has been made to the design since its initial launch is the addition of a limited-edition ‘Pink’ Figaro in 1999.

The Nissan Figaro was supposed to be a limited-edition car, but due to its immense popularity, the car is still in demand, with second hand and restored models still selling for a premium. Because of its rarity and cult following, the Nissan Figaro has retained its value and continues to be admired by those with the means to own one.

The Nissan Figaro remains a popular and unusual vehicle with a combined classic look and modern technology. Its cult following has helped it retain its value and makes for an interesting conversation piece. If you are looking for a vintage car with a bit of character and a cult following, the Nissan Figaro could be the perfect car for you.

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