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Top Ways to Have the Best Sex on the First Date

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First dates can be an exciting experience for both parties involved but can also be nerve-wracking. There is a lot of pressure put on first dates to be successful, and that means the sex needs to go off without a hitch. To have the best sex on the first date, it’s important to make sure the mood is right and to be on the same page as your date. It’s also good to take the time to listen to your partner and to explore new things together. Here are the top ways to have the best sex on the first date.

Set the Mood

The most important thing about having the best sex on a first date is to make sure the mood is right. Of course, this means different things for different people. It could be talking about fantasies and desires before getting between the sheets. It could also mean lighting some candles, playing soft music, and taking things slow. Whatever it is, the mood needs to be partnered before indulging in sex.

Understand your partner’s desires

Before getting involved in any kind of sexual activity, it’s important to know what your partner wants or needs. Not everyone is into the same things, so understanding what they’re looking for is key to having a great experience. Talk to your date and ask what it is that they like or just have a conversation about what both of you can do together.

Take it slow

Rushing into things can take away from the moment, so it’s important to take your time and savor the experience. Start with some light caressing and kisses, and work your way up to more intimate activity. This will help build trust and make sure that both parties are comfortable. It will also make for a more enjoyable experience overall.

Explore and experiment

Exploration and experimentation can be a great way to spice things up. Don’t be afraid to try new things and explore your partner’s body. Everyone has different erogenous zones and desires, so take the time to find and explore those. This will not only spice up your sex life, but it will also help to build trust and create more pleasure in the bedroom.


Communication is key when it comes to having the best sex on a first date. It’s important to talk to your partner about what they like and don’t like. This will help you both be more in sync with each other’s desires and make sure you’re both getting what you want out of the experience. Communication also makes sure that you both understand the boundaries, so everyone’s expectations are met.

Be sure of consent

Consent is always important. Before engaging in any kind of sexual activity, make sure your partner is on the same page and that both of you are comfortable with the experience. Make sure to listen for your partner’s verbal and nonverbal cues, and make sure to stop if something makes you or your partner uncomfortable. Taking your time and checking in with each other throughout the experience is the key to making sure that everyone is consenting.

Use Protection

Using some sort of protection is always a good idea regardless of what kind of sex you’re having. Using condoms or dental dams can help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or infections. It’s also important to make sure that both parties are tested and have an understanding of the other’s sexual health and past before engaging in sex.

Focus on the experience

It can be easy to get consumced in the moment and forget that this is a first date, so it’s important to remember to focus on the experience as a whole. Take a minute to look around and appreciate the moment. Use this time to also take note of what your partner is doing and how it makes you feel. This will help make the experience that much more pleasurable for both of you.

Cuddling and Aftercare

Once the experience is over, it’s important to take the time to cuddle and show affection. Aftercare is an important part of sex, so take the time to appreciate each other and talk about the experience. This will help bring the connection between you and your date that much closer.

Having the best sex on a first date is all about setting the right mood, understanding each other’s desires, taking it slow, exploring and experimenting, communicating, being sure of consent, using protection, and focusing on the experience. It’s also important to remember to take the time for cuddling and aftercare after the experience is over. Following these tips will help make sure the sex with your date is pleasurable and enjoyable for both of you.

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