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What is Finance: Types of Finance and Financial Instruments

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What is Finance?  

Finance is about managing and understanding money. It is a crucial business and personal skill. From investment to budgeting, finance affects our lives in many ways and understanding the fundamentals of the subject can help us better manage our wealth. This article will explain what finance is, the different types of finance and some of the important financial instruments used in the field.

Types of Finance  

Finance can be divided into three main categories: public, personal and corporate finance.

Public Finance

Public finance, also known as public economics, is responsible for managing the budget of a country or state. This includes taxes, social security and other public payments, as well as the management of public defecit, national debt and public policy to support economic growth.

Personal Finance

Personal finance is the management of your own money. This includes creating a budget, saving and investing money, as well as paying off and managing debt.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance deals with money management within an organization, or company. This includes planning, directing and controlling financial activities such as resource allocation, capital structure, and cash flow. Corporate finance addresses how to use and manage finances to maximize their value for the company.

Financial Instruments  

Financial instruments are the tools used to facilitate the exchange of money and investments. Here are some of the most common instruments used in finance:


Bonds are IOUs from companies, governments or tax authorities. Bondholders are effectively loan providers with a set interest rate paid over a given period of time. The interest payments from the bond go to the loaners as returns.


Stocks are a company’s share of ownership in the form of shares, publicly traded on the stock exchange. They allow investors to buy a percentage of the company and, depending on the price movement, they may gain or lose value.


Derivatives are financial instruments whose value is derived from an underlying asset. This could be an exchange rate, interest rate, or commodity price. Examples include futures, options or swaps.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are professionally managed portfolios of investments that allow a group of investors to pool their money into one common fund. They offer diversification and can be used to invest in different markets, such as bonds, stocks, and commodities.

Finance is an important concept that can affect our lives in many ways. By understanding the types of finance and the different financial instruments used, you will be better equipped to manage your wealth and investments.

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