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What is the Girlfriend Experience, an increasingly requested service

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If you have heard about the Girlfriend Experience or couple treatment, you will probably be interested in learning more about this service. Below we will tell you what the GFE or girlfriend experience consists of, its main characteristics and the most notable points of this type of service according to experts.

First of all, you should know that GFE or partner treatment is a service with a different concept that more and more people dare to try but that continues to generate doubts in many users. The couple’s treatment is the perfect alternative for people who are not just looking for a night of enjoyment but who want added value,  they want love and affection, they want to feel loved because this is probably what they are missing in their daily lives. In the main capitals there are already professionals fully specialized in these services, as explained to us by, where they have great experts in this type of escort services that are increasingly becoming more popular in our country.

What is the Girlfriend experience?

Daily life, routine, long work hours and lack of free time make it increasingly difficult to meet people with whom you share tastes and hobbies and with whom, in addition, the necessary spark can arise to start a stable relationship.

This lack can generate frustration, feelings of loneliness, and even a certain depression, if the loner shares his life with happy couples. On the other hand, when one gets used to a certain independence it is very difficult to give up one’s own space to share it with another person, who at the same time will have their own quirks and customs…

An escort specialized in Girlfriend Experience can be the solution for those specific moments in which you need more affection than sex, more understanding than pleasure, although of course one thing does not inhibit the other…

How does the girlfriend experience service work?

The “girlfriend experience” is a service offered by an escort whose main characteristic is that she behaves and acts as the girlfriend or wife of the client who hires her. It involves more personal interaction, compared to the services they normally offer.

An escort is a  paid companion, that is, a prostitute who a client pays to go with him to meetings, parties, outings to another city, etc. The contract may or may not include sex, that is up to the client.

There is no first priority of having sex , but rather it is a more intimate and personal experience. Normally, the service includes kissing, caressing, flirting and sexual play during the contracted time. In most cases, the client of this service seeks above all the feeling of superiority that comes from being accompanied by a woman with a high level  of education and an excellent presence.

If we also combine this with the  use of the tools to search for contacts  that we talked about before, the time and effort invested by each person already depends on personal skills, but in any case it will be less than traditional.

What happens if we are not clear about what  type of relationship  we want? Well, here come the escort pages that offer girlfriend experiences as   in the following link. Here we can decide if we want a girlfriend for life or just for as long as you want.

There are already many who dare  to hire an escort for a service of this type, and who later do not consider having a regular girlfriend. The only danger there is is that you end up falling in love with your new girlfriend, although in the end that is not so bad either.

They see certain advantages to the girlfriend experience service. For example, your partner will never have a bad face or bad days, he will always come when you ask and with a smile. Therefore, these types of companies sell this service as a very pleasant moment.

Nor, since it is not a real relationship but a contract, you do not have  any type of commitment  to the escort. You can date other people or different escorts, and you can even stop calling her, and no one will ever hold it against you. And furthermore, they are sex professionals. If you hire their services, you will be able to enjoy a “complete relationship” and you even have the possibility of hiring special sexual services, which will be above the normal average.

The majority of people who hire this type of service are usually men and heterosexual, but this service is also increasingly being hired by  male escorts , although women do not usually hire sex.

To access a girlfriend experience service you just have to  call an agency , ask which girls offer the service and choose from those they tell us. The level of spiciness and friction is up to you. Then you can show off and enjoy your girlfriend and her advantages.  If you are lucky enough to take her to an event, I assure you that she and your relationship will be the envy and talk of the event.

Girlfriend Experience experts must be able to create unique personal interactions by creating relationships that go far beyond physical interaction and are based on enjoyment and the creation of personal and intimate experiences with each person.

In addition, these services offer completely personalized attention so that all parties involved can live real and wonderful experiences.  The couple treatment service can take shape in events, in accompanying trips and even in the creation of real relationships and bonds on a daily basis if these are the services contracted by the applicants. According to experts, it is the definitive accompaniment experience where it is essential to take maximum care of every detail so that both people feel comfortable, respected and it is possible to create real relationships and intimate bonds.

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