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Why Ankle Weights Add Power to Your Workout

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Ankle Weights as a Must-Have for Supercharged Workouts 

Ankle weights are an often overlooked and underrated tool for giving your workout an extra edge. When added to your aerobics, strength and endurance exercises, ankle weights are not only great for burning more fat during a workout, but they can also lead to strength gains in muscle groups. Here is a closer look at why and how to use ankle weights safely to give your workouts an extra jolt and thrust your fitness to the next level.

What Exactly are Ankle Weights? 

Ankle weights are lightweight shackles with adjustable straps. Available in different sizes and fits, they come in weights ranging from one to 10 pounds per shackles. They can be filled with small metal pellets, sand or lead shot for resistance. Secure them around the ankles, usually just about the foot and calf, and as you move, you activate and engage the muscles.

Why Add Resistance to Your Workout? 

Weighted resistance and body weight exercises provide a great form of exercise to condition the body and build muscle and strength. When you add resistance to your movements with ankle weights, the workouts become more intense, increase the demand on the muscles, and provide a cardio workout. Adding a couple of pound in ankle weights can supercharge your training sessions and increase your calorific burn.

Benefits of Adding Ankle Weights to Your Workouts 

There are many benefits to using ankle weights as part of your exercise regimen. Beyond burning more calories, they can also help increase strength and endurance, as well as balance and coordination.

• Higher Calorie Burn: When performing the same exercise with ankle weights, you work harder and sweat more in order to move the weight. This means more calories will be burned.

• Work the Muscles Differently: Since the muscles are being worked harder, the muscles are forced to develop differently. With regular aerobic exercises, the muscles are going through the same motions, but with ankle weights, they’re being put to work differently.

• More Challenges: Adding ankle weights to your routine creates an extra challenge and with that, comes an extra reward. Greater weight means greater challenge and if you are up to the task, the rewards can be great.

• Balance and Coordination: Due to the extra resistance and weight, ankle weights can be great for training balance and coordination. You will actively engage your core muscles while sustaining balance and coordination.

• Increased Speed: With ankle weights, you can train to become faster and power through exercises as they will give your muscles an extra push.

• Improved Performance: Studies have found that fitness performance can be improved when using ankle weights.

Safety Tips When Using Ankle Weights 

It is important to use ankle weights safely. If you’ve never used them before, start off with a lower weight and gradually increase it up to the maximum for your body type. It’s important not to abruptly increase the weight, as it may lead to injury. Additionally, make sure the straps fit snugly, but not too tight, and don’t use weights for exercises where the same motion is repeated for a long period of time.

To get the most out of your ankle weights, keep these 3 tips in mind:

  1. Start Low and Progress Slowly: Ankle weights offer a great way to add intensity to your workout, but don’t rush it. Start with a lower weight and increase it only when you’ve built up a strong form and can properly use the weights.

  2. Choose the Right Exercises: Not all exercises are suitable for ankle weights. For safety, stick with lower-body exercises that have a larger range of motion, such as walking lunges, glute bridges, squats, sitting leg extensions and curls.

  3. Balance the Body: Use ankle weights to add resistance to all moves, but don’t forget to also work the upper body. Pushups, bent over rows, arm circles, and tricep dips will keep your core and upper body strong.

If you are looking for ways to give your regular workout the extra edge and energy, think about adding ankle weights. Ankle weights come in a variety of sizes and weights and depending on your fitness goals and level of intensity, you can find the perfect combination that is suitable for you. Don’t forget to warm up before, wear the weights correctly and keep your body balanced. With safety and proper technique in mind, involve ankle weights into your fitness routine and make your workouts more powerful, explosive and more rewarding.

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