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Dreamworks Movies: Animated Films That Are Fun for the Whole Family

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Animated movies are a popular choice among families with children. They provide a fun and entertaining way to spend time together without ever leaving the house. Dreamworks movies have been some of the most beloved animated films for decades and have seen great critical and commercial success. From classic favorites to more recent releases, Dreamworks movies are sure to keep your family entertained for hours. So grab a bowl of popcorn, cozy up, and get ready for a fun movie night with these Dreamworks movies that are great for the whole family.

Dreamworks Movies

Dreamworks Animation is an American a film studio based in California, founded in 1994 by some of the most legendary filmmakers in Hollywood. They have released some of the most beloved and iconic animated films, including the Shrek franchise, Madagascar, and The Boss Baby. Dreamworks movies are known for their signature style of animation, humor, and overall entertainment for adults and children alike. Over the years, Dreamworks movies have become an irreplaceable part of the animated movie genre.

Top Dreamworks Movies to Watch with Your Kids

When it comes to family movie night, there are a few tried and tested choices that kids and adults alike will enjoy. Here are some of the best Dreamworks movies that are perfect for a fun and enjoyable evening with the family.

Shrek (2001): Shrek is an animated comedy classic and was one of the first Dreamworks movies ever made. The movie follows the hilarious adventure of an ogre named Shrek. Alongside his trusty sidekick, Donkey, Shrek embarks on a mission to rescue the Princess Fiona from the wicked Lord Farquaad. With its lovable characters, colorful animation, and a strong message of friendship, Shrek is sure to keep the whole family entertained.

• Madagascar (2005): This Dreamworks movie follows the story of a group of zoo animals who find themselves unexpectedly stranded on the tropical island of Madagascar. The movie follows their comedic attempts to return home, with plenty of hijinks and laughter along the way. With plenty of catchy songs, lovable characters, and even an intrepid penguin, this movie is sure to keep the whole family entertained.

The Prince of Egypt (1998): This movie is based on the Biblical tale of Moses and his journey towards freedom. With the help of his adoptive family, Moses embarks upon a journey that leads to the liberation of the Hebrew people out of Egypt. It combines lively animation with a heartfelt story and powerful messages that delight children and adults alike.

Kung Fu Panda (2008): This Dreamworks movie follows the story of a panda named Po, who has always dreamed of being a great martial artist. When his dreams unexpectedly come true, Po is selected as the Dragon Warrior and must rise to the challenge of defending the Valley of Peace. With plenty of kung fu action and lovable characters, this movie is sure to captivate the whole family.

How To Train Your Dragon (2010): This movie tells the story of a viking named Hiccup, who sets out to slay a mysterious dragon as part of coming-of-age ritual. Instead of slaying the dragon, Hiccup forms an unlikely bond with it and goes on an adventure to save his people from a dangerous enemy. Featuring breathtaking animation, this movie is sure to leave family members of all ages enchanted.

The Boss Baby (2017): The Boss Baby is a hilarious take on an age-old rivalry between an over-achieving baby and his seven-year-old brother. The two siblings have to work together in order to save their family from an evil plot. Although the movie features plenty of stomach-aching laughter, it also has a tender underlying message about the importance of family – which makes for a genuinely heartwarming film.

Home (2015): This movie tells the emotional story of a young girl called Tip, who gets taken away from her family to a distant planet called ‘Home’. With the help of her unlikely ally, a wise-cracking alien called Oh, Tip embarks upon an exciting adventure to get back home and reunite with her family. This movie is sure to keep the whole family entertained with its stunning visuals, heartfelt story, and plenty of laughs.

Trolls (2016): Trolls is a musical comedy film that follows the adventures of a group of happy-go-lucky trolls who have to save their friends from the Bergens, who want to eat them. Filled with vibrant colors, catchy songs, and plenty of hilarious antics, Trolls is sure to keep everyone in the family entertained and laughing.

Dreamworks movies are a go-to choice for families looking for an entertaining and enjoyable movie night. Whether you’re watching a classic or a recent release, Dreamworks movies always bring something special to the big screen. With a wide range of movie choices, there’s something for everyone in the family. From the action-packed Kung Fu Panda to the heartwarming story of Home, these Dreamworks movies are sure to keep your family entertained for hours. No matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed to have an enjoyable family night.

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