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Football Movies: Inspirational Stories of Triumph and Teamwork on the Gridiron

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There’s something special about a good football movie. They combine the romance of the sports genre with something more meaningful, crafting an inspiring story of determination, team spirit, and triumph regardless of the odds. Whether it’s a tear-jerking drama or an explosive action movie, the following list of football movies will help you get your sports fix with a healthy dose of “hooray for Hollywood”.

The Best Football Movies of All Time  

  1. Rudy (1993): A classic underdog story, this movie follows Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger in his journey to fulfill his dream of playing for the Notre Dame football team. Along the way, he’s hampered by his poor academic record, financial struggles, and a troubling family history, but he never gives up.

  2. Friday Night Lights (2004): Loosely based on a true story, Friday Night Lights tells the story of a small Texas town where football is a way of life.Local heroes emerge as poverty, violence, and other social problems threaten the town’s delicate fabric.

  3. Remember the Titans (2000): Going back further in time, this movie focuses on the integration of a newly integrated high school football team in 1971 Virginia. The Titans’ off-field struggles as they learn to overcome their differences on the field are both inspiring and heartbreaking.

  4. The Blind Side (2009): Sandra Bullock stars in this inspiring story about a woman who takes a homeless teenager into her home and helps him realize his dream of playing pro football.

  5. We Are Marshall (2006): Based on the true story of the 1970 plane crash that killed most of the Marshall University football team, this movie revolves around the events that occur afterwards as the school rebuilds its team and spirit.

  6. Brian’s Song (1971): A heart-wrenching and beautifully shot film, Brian’s Song follows Chicago Bears teammates Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers, and the bond they form in the face of adversity.

  7. Heisman (2014): Drawing on the real-life story of Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis, this movie follows the star’s troubled upbringing and rise to gridiron fame.

  8. Leatherheads (2008): A light-hearted sports flick set in the 1920s, Leatherheads is a comedic take on a team trying to revive its popularity by hiring a famous war hero.

  9. Any Given Sunday (1999): Al Pacino stars in this intense drama about a professional football team trying to thrive in the cutthroat and sometimes corrupt world of professional sports.

Football Movies That Inspire and Amuse  

Football movies offer a little something for everyone. They’re both inspiring and funny, sometimes in the same movie. Here are some of the best football movies that inspire and leave you with a few laughs.

  1. The Longest Yard (1974): In this classic comedy, a former pro quarterback is thrown in the slammer and has to put together a ragtag team of inmates to compete against the prison guards.

  2. The Replacements (2000): In this can’t-miss football movie, Gene Hackman plays a coach in a struggle to lead a football team made up of misfits and rejects.

  3. Varsity Blues (1999): This tongue-in-cheek satire follows a group of high school footballers desperate for a championship as they defy their corrupt coach and community expectations.

  4. Invincible (2006): Starring Mark Wahlberg, Invincible is based on the true story of Vince Papale, a Philadelphia janitor and fan favorite who gets the chance of a lifetime—to join the Philadelphia Eagles.

  5. Ready to Rumble (2000): This raunchy, over-the-top comedy follows two die-hard wrestling fans on a wild road trip as they try to help their favorite wrestler get revenge on his arch-nemesis.

Football Movies to Make You Cry  

Football movies often tug at our heart strings. Whether it’s a story of redemption or a classic buddy flick, here are some tear jerking (in a good way) football movies sure to leave you moved.

  1. Radio (2003): Cuba Gooding Jr. stars in the true story of a mentally-challenged man and his powerful friendship with a high school football coach.

  2. Miracle (2004): A thrilling movie about the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team that shocked the world, Miracle remains one of the most beloved sports movies ever made.

  3. The Waterboy (1998): Adam Sandler’s own twisted interpretation of a football movie, The Waterboy follows an off-beat waterboy and his underdog team as they attempt to make their way to the championship.

  4. Gridiron Gang (2006): Based on a true story, Gridiron Gang follows a group of delinquents struggling to prove themselves on the field and overcome their troubled pasts.

  5. Undefeated (2011): A powerful documentary film that follows the football team of a dangerous Memphis high school, featuring heart-breaking stories of redemption, racism, and the power of perseverance.

Football movies have the power to move us emotionally. From funny to heart-breaking, they are a great way to escape into a story without having to be an avid sports fan. Whether you’re looking for an underdog story or a tear-jerking drama, this list of the best football films is sure to have something that will transport you to another world.

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