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Sex Essentials: Top Things Every Guy Needs In His Nightstand

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When it comes to sex, it’s all about the preparation – having the right supplies close to hand is paramount. Whether you’re playing safe or just trying to heighten the experience, there are several essential items everyone should have in their nightstand. That being said, let’s talk about the sex essentials every guy should keep in their nightstand.

Safety First

When engaging in any type of sexual activity, safety should be your number one priority. Protective gear not only helps prevent the transmission of infection and pregnancy, it can also increase the pleasure of your sexual encounters. 

These items should absolutely make their way into your nightstand:

Condoms – The single most important item for promote safe sex. They’re affordable, simple to use and widely available.

Lubricants– Lubes help create a more pleasurable experience, reducing friction that can lead to discomfort.

Dental Dams– Dental dams are a barrier to guard against the exchange of bodily fluids during oral sex.

Other Essential Supplies

With safety taken care of, the next step is to make sure you have the elements necessary to more fully enjoy your sexual experience. This is a great place to start:

Sexual Aids – Ann Summers and other world-renowned sex retailers are excellent sources of toys and other stimulators to enhance pleasure and add new elements to sexual activity.

Stimulating Creams & Oils – Enhance and heighten the sensations of touch and oral sex with a few drops of textured lube or stimulating cream.

Massage Candles – Massage candles can turn a simple massage into a multi-sensory experience. Not only do these candles look and smell great, when lit their oil melts and becomes a warm massage oil you can use for a relaxing and arousing massage.

Risqué Reading – Many men find that watching and reading explicit material helps to get them in the mood. Whether it’s a novel of erotica, magazines or a stack of naughty DVDs, consider adding some extra heat to your nightstand.

Storage and Cleanliness

After you’ve got your supplies for sexy time, you need a place to store them. Not only can an improper storage negatively affect the effectiveness of your gear, it can also reduce their lifetime, so here are a few tips:

Keep Supplies Separated – storing your gear in separate areas helps reduce any potential mess and keeps items clean.

Keep the Area Clean – Dirty items increase the risk of infection and premature wear. Make sure to clean everything according to the instructions.

Use Appropriate Containers – Use containers appropriate for the type of gear you’re storing. If the item has the option for a container, don’t risk damage by attempting to improvise, these matched containers are designed for the item’s benefit.

Keeping your sex gear stored properly, having the right supplies on hand and being prepared can add a lot to your intimate encounters. From condoms and lubricants to books and massage candles – manning up your nightstand with these sex essentials is a must. If you keep safety as a priority, there is a lot to be gained from looking after your nightstand!

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